It's Icy Out There!!!

It has been quite frosty over here for the last few days.  In fact the frost hasn't cleared for a day or two so I nipped out to the back garden to snap this picture and brrrrr it really is quite chilly!!!!

You know that way when you are at work and you are busy but everything is going smoothly.  Well that was me this morning - and then I get a phone call about one of my girls.  Oh no! I thought.  
Emma had been walking to her work at around 10.30 this morning when she slipped on the ice and hurt her leg quite badly. She was lucky that she was just beside the school and a couple of people saw her and helped her into school. 
The school phoned me at work - that was also quite strange getting a call from the school when all my girls are finished going to school.  Anyway they told me what had happened and suggested I pick her up and take her to casualty. 
After waiting around for over two hours and an x-ray later we discovered she has soft tissue damage to her ankle. So thankfully nothing too serious - thank goodness!!!

But the scary thing is we found out that some kids had been putting water down to freeze on that pathway and quite a few people had already fallen there.  In fact a boy in the school fell the previous day and had to go to casualty too, thankfully he was ok too.

Anyway if it is frosty and icy where you are  

There is not much greenery in my picture - but there is a wee bit so I am going to share today's post with 



TexWisGirl said…
oh, dear! glad she did not have a break!
Riet said…
That certainly is dangerous, good she didn't break anything
Sandra said…
Thank goodness all turned out well for your daughter and her nasty fall.
How dangerous of those kids to be putting water on the pathway for it to freeze over. Think of all the poor older folk.

Nice picture of a frost-covered leaf.
✿ chica said…
Lindo de ver!Aqui temos um calorão!! beijos,ótimo fim de semana,chica
Ailime said…
Amiga, o gelo é belíssimo mas prega por vezes alguns problemas. Graças a Deus que a sua filha não teve graves problemas, mas é sempre bom ter cuidado. Abraços. Ailime
busybusybeejay said…
So pleased she was ok.I got checked out on Monday after my fall but I was just bruised.It does shake you up though.
We had a frost last night and I walk around out there with great care. Soft tissue damage often takes longer to heal that a break. Tell your daughter to be very careful. Have a good weekend Diane
eileeninmd said…
I am glad she did not do more damage to her ankle and foot. The ice can be dangerous. Years ago my son had a bad break from sledding on ice. He was off school for 3 months and had a erector set around his leg holding it together. I was a nervous wreck the day it happened they had to medivac him to Johns Hopkins. Luckily he healed and all is ok. It was very scary and a warning to others. Be careful on the ice.
Bia Hain said…
Linda imagem... e as crianças, sempre fazendo arte! Um abraço!

Mirante da imagem
Bev said…
Pretty picture....even though I don't like the frost:))...thats on the walks...hopefully no one gets really hurt!!
Nancy Claeys said…
Those icy walks can be very dangerous. Glad she's going to be okay. :)
yikes!! what a relief to hear she didn't break anything! icy walkways...not a good thing!

but the ice...and frost...sure is nice to LOOK at! beautiful picture!
Ayu Maselli said…
beautiful frozen foto,
Oh Thank God she is ok. Ice is beautiful but quite dangerous indeed.

have a nice weekend
Kayla said…
So glad she is okay. Those phone calls can be scary! I hope they find the boys and punish them...maybe give them the casualty bills for everyone who has fallen.....
Calu said…
Os contrastes das estações são mesmo encantadores.
Por aí cristais gelados, por aqui, sol brilhante.
Crianças arteiras são saudáveis.
Boa semana.
Pat MacKenzie said…
It's always frightening when you get an emergency call at work - or at home for that matter. I'm glad your daughter's injury wasn't worse than it was. Sounds like the school, or town, should salt the ice patch so more people won't get hurt.

I love frosty pictures. As I was driving home awhile ago I thought I should get my camera out and take some outdoor shots. All the trees have a lovely layer of frist on them, which is so pretty when the sun shines on it.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
SO sorry for my recent absence!
I am trying to catch up with commenting for my friends. Wow, it sure must have made you feel scary☆☆☆ Thank God it wasn't a serious one, my friend.
Already icy!!! Take Care of yourselves.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Paul said…
Thankfully our icy days are behind us and it is beautifully sunny and warm here. Thanks for sharing your photo!
Buttons said…
Oh poor Emma glad it was not to serious but I know it is still painful. B
It's freezing a bit further south too - thankfully nobody's been pouring water on the pavements in Kirkcudbright - some of them are slippy enough as they are.
It's just started raining in the last hour so hopefully that'll warm things up (or else have the same effect as 100 kids pouring water on the pavement)
Rose said…
I am so glad for her and you that she was not seriously hurt...I can just imagine how you felt getting a phone call such as that.
Rose said…
Meant to say that is a wonderful picture.

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