I went for a walk on Sunday (in between making my slow cooker meal and marmalade - I told you I was busy, lol). 
I was hoping to see lots of lovely autumnal colours and the like but I have to say I was a tad disappointed.  
We don't have much of it here yet - Danny thinks I have a couple of weeks before it really starts happening.
 Ocht well I suppose it means I will just have to go out every weekend and have a nice walk until it happens. 
Life is tough :))

Anyway I saw this beautiful big tree which had some gorgeous leaves so I posted it to keep me going until I see some more.

The other reason for my post today is to say!!!!!

It worked - my marmalde worked yippeeeeee!!!!

I had it on some home made bread (I know I'm showing off now) for my breakfast and it is s yummy - I really love it.  
I'm not sure why I am surprised that it tasted so good because I love marmalade. 
I wish I could butter a piece of toast and spread some on it for you all but when I have it tomorrow I will be thinking of you all - will that do!!!

So I just wanted to let you all know that it worked. Can you tell I am pleased - and a little bit relieved that I was actually able to make it. 


EG CameraGirl said…
Lovely colour! Yes, take another photo walk again next week!! Wish I was eating some of your homemade bread and marmalade right now. :)
Beyond Zephyr said…
Beautiful colors of autumn leaves! It's the nature best..
Lois Evensen said…
Yes, beautiful colors and your description of your marmalade has me wanting to go downstairs and spread some on some bread. Fantastic that yours turned out so well. :)

I have some marmalade in the fridge from my neighbor who makes really great stuff!

Dianna said…
Beautiful photos! We won't have fall colors til November.
Jill said…
LOVE these beautiful,colorful photos, Ellie.

Way to go on your marmalade!!!!
TexWisGirl said…
good for you on the successful marmalade! :)
Karen said…
Lovely fall colours Ellie! Your marmalade looks yummy, I was drooling while looking at the pics on your last post!
Rose said…
Beautiful pictures and glad your marmalade was a success...I wish you I could share it with you!
I am happy that your marmalade was a success!! I wish I could have a taste too.
joy said…
I just love marmalade, but sadly because of an allergy I had to give up bread, so marmalade on toast is a thing of the past, although marmalade on sweet biscuits is almost as yummy. Well done.
ZielonaMila said…
Wonderful autumn views. I am greeting
yay for the success with your marmalade! yum!

we don't have any autumn colors here yet either...i'm patiently waiting...well, TRYING to be patient!
DIMI said…
What a beautuful colors of Autumn leaves!You had a lovely walk!Enjoy your marmalade in tost bread and a nice cup of tea my dear!Have a great week!
Kayla said…
Yay! It worked! It worked! I wish I could come have a taste too! Good for you!
Beautiful photo! I find in England that autumn is much slower to come, much more gradual than I'm used to in the US. Which is good, because a quick Spring and Autumn make for long winters and summers :)

I am crazy impressed by your marmalade - I've never made such an attempt in fear of food poisoning my lovely family! XOL
Lea said…
Congratulations on your marmalade and on the beautiful photos! :)
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
What a beautiful Autumn pictures♡♡♡
And Congratulations on your success with your marmalade(^_^)v
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

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