October Leaves

Aren't the leaves really beautiful just now?
All of the different shades, colours, textures and shapes.

These were just a few I found lying around our back garden.  

I'm really itching to go out and buy some wool to knit some baby things but I need to find the time to go and buy some.  
There is nowhere in our wee town that sells it so I think it will have to wait until the weekend. 

The weatherman said it was going to start turning quite cold here over the next few days. 
Brrrr - I don't know that I'm really ready for cold weather yet. 
The benefit though is that it is going to be nice and bright at the same time. 

I do like nice bright days :))

I hope it's nice where you are!!!


Giga said…
Śliczne kolorowe liście. Ja też nie czekam na chłodne dni. Pozdrawiam.
Beautiful colored leaves. I do not look forward to cool days. Yours.
Karen said…
Lovely autumn colours! I love the cold...I'm ready!
Lovely fall leaves! This season is passing by too quickly.
TexWisGirl said…
i hope the baby won't be allergic to wool (like i am). :)

the leaves are pretty. we don't get too much color here.
Debbie said…
it was 72 here today but right now it's freezing in the house. i don't want to turn the heat on because i am very cheap ;))

the leaves are beautiful!!
Rohrerbot said…
Your cold temps make me smile.....I'd love to have those freezing temps for just a short time. No freezes here but cooler temps are here and I've been itching to get outdoors:)
The leaves are pretty. Most of our leaves are off the trees now. And we are suppose to get cold weather on Thursday, I am not looking forward to cold weather either. I hope you find some nice wool to knit with. Before you know it your grandbaby will be here.
Sandra said…
Lovely autumn leaves! It's funny, but when you mentioned the word 'wool' I got all itchy!!! When I made a baby blanket and cushion for my grandson I made them in a beautiful soft acrylic in case his skin was allergic to wool. My daughter told me not to knit baby clothes because they were no longer fashionable! I couldn't resist making one adorable pair of bootees... They were never worn!!! Better check with your daughter before you get those knitting needles clicking.
Love the fall colors - and it is starting to get a little bit cold here, too. Rained hard yesterday. And we have a BIG fire going in the fireplace! :)Have a great week, Ellie!
ZielonaMila said…
Wspaniałe jesienne kolory, piękna jesienna kompozycja. Pozdrawiam
joy said…
Beautiful autumnal colours.
You can buy all sorts of wonderful knitting yarns on ebay these days, most new Mums just love having beautiful handmade clothes for their babies, especially if made by Gran, so carry on, make as many as you can, and dont forget they are only small for a very short time, so also make some second and third size clothes.
Nancy Claeys said…
I love how you've created artwork with these leaves. Something I need to do before they are raked up!

I have so much wool from my knitting jag last winter --- perhaps I can send you some?
Eileen said…
Lovely photo, Ellie. What is the grey in the background - I like the texture of it?
EG CameraGirl said…
Lovely collection of leaves featuring colour, size and shapes.
Lisa said…
The leaves are beautiful - we don't get anything like that here in Florida. And it is still in the 80's here! Enjoy your cooler weather...
DIMI said…
Beautiful autumn colours Ellie!I knit for my grandaughter to!And i like it!Its getting cold here to !Have a lovely evening!
Rose said…
Those leaves are beautiful....do you know what the top one is? I am not familiar with it.

Turning cold here this weekend, too...high in the low 50's and at night down to freezing or almost freezing.

I can't wait to see what you make your grandchild....if you go get stuff this weekend, show us what you get to work with.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
How colorful they are, sure is the Autumn color. It must be really great to knit for your grandchild. I hope your daughter is doing fine(^_^)v
It is getting colder (not cool, haha) here as well.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
gorgeous leaves!! i can't wait til it cools off enough here to have some change in color!!
Tricia said…
Oh those look so pretty! Our leaves are all laying on the ground now...not a colorful one to be seen.

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