Soft and Snuggly

I'm back - I'm not sure where the weekend went the time seemed to go by very quickly.  I guess I must have been quite busy or something!!!

A brief recap of my weekend would be something like this.
Saturday - Laura arrived just after lunch time. She is very well being nearly 16 weeks pregnant and looking wonderful :)
She was being picked up by a chauffer at about 6pm to be taken away to the airport to fly to India. 
I'm so jealous of her travelling all the way there - mind you it is just for work and she will be working every day she is away (10 days). So I don't think she will see much of the countryside.
  She is due back a week on wednesday and coming back here before driving back home the next day. 
We have had a text from her telling us she got there safely and is in a very nice hotel. 

On Sunday Danny and I drove to Glasgow - he had to drop something off at work and I went along for something to do.  

Now today, being on holiday, I had to think how best to use it.  Well I went into a shop and bought some of this.
 Isn't that a great name for baby yarn, Snuggly.  It is so soft to the touch as well, there is no wool in it so hopefully it won't irritate the baby's skin
Yup, I've finally got around to buying some yarn and patterns to knit some goodies for my wee grandbaby for when it arrives next year. 
 We don't know yet what sex it is going to be so I bought some white, cream and yellow.  
The yellow is for a blanket (you can see it in the pattern on the right) and that is what I'm doing first. It looks fairly easy, but it is many years since I knitted anything so hopefully I can remember what to do!!!

Anyway today is Danny's and my wedding anniversary - 24 years, I don't know where all the years have gone, it certainly doesn't feel that long.  We are off out for dinner in a wee while to celebrate.

Now I wonder what to do tomorrow - I'll let you know :))) 

On a separate note:
Keep safe everybody who is in hurricane Sandy's path.  I've seen the news and it does look scary. 
Take care!!!  

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Laurel's Quill said…
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Have fun knitting that baby stuff.
Karen said…
Happy Anniversary!

Oh I wish I could knit. I bought my grandbaby's things, at a local bazaar, it was all handknit by a lovely lady. Don't forget to show us pics of your handiwork!
TexWisGirl said…
glad you picked some nice soft yarns for the baby. :)
Giga said…
Życzę jeszcze wielu wspólnych rocznic bardzo miłych. Ciekawa jestem Twoich robótek dla wnuczki lub wnuka. Pozdrawiam.
I wish you many more anniversaries common very nice. I'm curious for your needlework granddaughter or grandson. Yours.
Happy Anniversary!!
time just seems to slip away nice you had time with your daughter before she had to leave...for INDIA!! wow!!

love the soft snuggly yarn & can't wait to see your knitting!
Eileen said…
Congratulations on your 24 years together. Looking forward to seeing your completed knitting projects.
Happy Anniversary. You are welcome to knitting, I am happy to crochet all day but knit...... no.
Have a good week Diane
Gunilla Bäck said…
Happy Anniversary! Have fun knitting baby stuff. The colours are lovely.
Kayla said…
Happy Anniversary! Ours is October 26th....but just 16 years. I think I want a blanket made from that yarn!!!
Fiona said…
I knew those knitting needles would be out (sooner rather than later))!!!

Wishing yourself and Danny a very very happy Wedding Anniversary and many more years to come
old grandma and grandpa!!!

Sandra said…
Snuggly yarn for the future baby. I love the pattern of the blanket and the colours look so soft and lovely.
Happy Anniversary!
Debbie said…
Happy Anniversary Ellie and Danny! Love that soft shade of yellow!
orchid said…
Good Morning from Japan, dearest Ellie,
Happy Anniversary to you, too♬♬♬ Oh, our 35th is today and we are going to have a lunch (Western style, for a change, haha)

What lovely soft looking wool, sweet colors♡♡♡ Enjoy knitting, my friend(♥^_^♥)~* Wonderful to hear your daughter is doing well.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Rose said…
You sure chose some pretty, soft colors.

Hard to believe Laura is that far along already. Time sure does fly.
Lois Evensen said…
Happy Anniversary! Have fun knitting for the baby. :) That's always wonderful, isn't it! And, the knitting will all come back to you - it's like riding a bike. :)
Happy Anniversary!! I am happy that you got your yarn. Have fun making the blanket for your new grandbaby!
Congrats on your prospective new grandchild. Isn't it lovely knitting for them? Even if they are told the sex of the baby sometimes they are wrong. My daughter in law bought all pink things only to have a son so I think you are wise playing safe! Enjoy knitting!
I hope you had a wonderful evening of celebration.
DIMI said…
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary Εllie!Its lovely to knit for granbabys!I did it and for my 2 gransons!Enjoy today your annivesary!Wish you all the best!Kisses!
Lisa Gordon said…
Looks like you are going to be wonderfully busy knitting, Ellie. :-)

A very Happy Anniversary to you and Danny!

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