My Sunday

What have I been doing today?

Well first of all - I have got this up and running. 
Yup, that is my slow cooker.  
I made a beef casserole - I just used my usual method of making this as if I was doing it in a pan and just put it in the slow cooker. It cooked for 7 hours and the beef was extremely tender - the meat just fell apart!!!  
The only thing I did notice was that the flavours weren't quite at intense as they are when I make it in a pan.  I think the reason for that is because the stock and water doesn't evaporate and reduce like it does in a pan. 
So next time I will just have to put less water in and add more flavours.

By the way many thanks to everyone who suggested places to find recipes - I had a good browse through google and pinterest and found a whole load of stuff. :))

And then I also did this!!!

I made marmalade - it is all bottled and just waiting to be tried.  
I will be the guinea pig and do that tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it has been successful this time - I will let you know tomorrow. :))

It looks ok though don't you think?

I feel like I have been in the kitchen all day - but I have quite enjoyed myself :))

Hope you all had a great Sunday and are ready for the week ahead.


Giga said…
Następnym, a może jeszcze następnym wykorzystasz całkowicie możliwości swojego urządzenia. Pozdrawiam.
The next, and perhaps even the next completely out of your use of the device. Yours.
TexWisGirl said…
glad you broke in the slow cooker! :)

and good luck with the marmalade!
Debbie said…
haha...i have been waiting patiently all day for this post!! but i wanted a picture of the meal, not the slow cooker!!

the marmalade looks marvelous!!
Some 'nesting' going on with the fall weather ~ another crockpot ~ got to get mine going soon ~ ( A Creative Harbor) and thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^
Jill said…
So glad you enjoyed your slow cooker! You're right on reducing water and upping the spice. :)

Your marmalade is beautiful!
Your marmalade is beautiful!!

Glad you liked your slow cooker :)
Ahayes1225 said…
Looks like wonderful marmalade. I love the fall colors also. Thanks for the wonderful visit!
Ellie - Your marmalade looks perfect!

And slow-cookers are just the thing as the fall evenings get cooler.

Great pictures, as always. :)
I like using a slower cook. Hope your marmalade taste great. Hope you have a nice week ahead.
Deanna said…
so glad your crock pot worked and that you enjoyed your pot roast. Have fun trying all those recipes from pinterest and that homemade marmalade looks yummy!!
Lois Evensen said…
We love using our crock pot. It's good the first day and even better the second.
Sandra said…
Well now, you have been a busy girl with your slow cooker and making marmalade! I've never seen those tins of prepared Seville Oranges with all the hard work taken out of marmalade making! I adore marmalade, it's my favourite breakfast spread of all time! Have a great week, Ellie!
Gosh what a busy Sunday. I'm glad that the cooker worked out well and will remember your comment should I ever get one (as I've sometimes thought I might!)
Enjoy your marmalade. Joan
oh i LOVE my crockpot! i use it all the time! so easy, and whatever you put in it, just melts in your mouth at the end of the day!!
Kerri said…
I love to cook in a crockpot. That marmalade looks great!
Kayla said…
It looks wonderful! Can't wait to see what you think of the "fruits of your labor"!
EG CameraGirl said…
The colour of the marmalade is very, VERY appealing,
Rose said…
The color of it is just out of this world had to taste good!
DIMI said…
Hallo Ellie!What a busy Sunday!Your marmalade looks great!And the color is so beautiful!Have a nice week my dear!
Buttons said…
Oh I love marmalade I never seen cans like that here that would be great:) B

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