A Tiring but Good Day

Phew, what a day I have had!!!

My sister Sheena (hi sis!!) got me a ticket for 'The Good Food Show' for my birthday. 
The Good Food Show is an exhibition of all things food (surprisingly).  It has tasting sessions, cookery shows, food stalls - you get the picture.

So Sheena and I left at 9.45am and caught the train to Glasgow and made our way to the Scottish Exhibition Centre. 
It was amazing how busy it was by 11am.  In fact the cloakroom lady said they were expecting it to be the busiest day today - I don't think she was wrong!!

We started by wandering around the stalls and made a few purchases.
By about 12.30 we decided we wanted to get some fresh air and wandered outside - it was such a lovely day. Do you know I was sitting in a sleevless t-shirt in the sun and it was so warm - my goodness it's almost November - I'm not complaining though :))

We  had tickets to go and see 'The Hairy Bikers' doing a live show at 2.30pm. So we wandered along to get our seats for the show - they were very good and entertaining. 
I took some pictures to let you see.
 I took this picture because the camera guy had a kilt on - and I thought you might like to see it :))

 These two are the Hairy Bikers - their names are Si King and David Myers. They are called the Hairy Bikers because they are quite hairy and the ride motorbikes!!!

 They did a show on the telly a few months ago on their journey cooking meals while they were trying to lose weight - they both lost a lot of weight.  
The recipes they cooked today were meals from the telly show a low calorie curry and some low calorie chilli. The smell as they made them was amazing. 
I've bought their book so when I try the recipes I'll be certain to do a post on it :))

They were so funny and entertaining they had their audience laughing hard - always good :))

Anyway we finally got the train home at about 4 oclock,  tired with sore legs but having had a really good day.

Thanks sis for a great birthday present. 


Claudia Moser said…
What a nice present!
TexWisGirl said…
i don't like to cook, but i think i'd enjoy listening to the hairy bikers. :)
Debbie said…
i don't like to cook either but i love to eat ;))

i don't know about hairy bikers ;))
Jill said…
That sounds like a lot of fun! I look forward to a recipe or two from the Hairy Bikers!
It sounds like you had a wonderful day. That was a very thoughtful present from your sister.
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh my!!! I've been wishing to visit or see the TV-show but I live local area and haven't had any chance(^^;)
Happy for you and lovely to see the pictures♡♡♡
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*
Sandra said…
What a lovely birthday outing you had, Ellie! I loved the camera man in his kilt! Those Hairy Bikers are real characters! I see the blond one washed his flowing locks before the show! Did they keep their weight off after the much publicized diet?! That's always the big test, isn't it?!
Have a great week. It's lovely and warm here too!
Lea said…
That's a truly wonderful birthday present! Looking forward to your stories about your cooking the recipes. Thank you for sharing the photos :)
Rose said…
I bet it was wonderful to just have a day with your sis! And just the mention of chili makes me hungry!
Karen said…
Hiary bikers that can cook! Cool.
Giga said…
Wspaniały prezent zrobiła Ci siostra i razem spędziłyście cudowny dzień. Pozdrawiam.
Great gift did you spędziłyście sister and a wonderful day together. Yours.
Buttons said…
Nice present I love sisters:) B
EG CameraGirl said…
It's wonderful to have a sister who understands what a great birthday present would be for you. I think it's great that she went tot the show with you too!
Betty Manousos said…
dear ellie~what a truly wonderful present!

i don't like to cook either but i do love to eat;)
hope you have a great day!
Kaya said…
What a great day you had! I would enjoyed also the Good Food Show and then I would be happy to listen to The Hairy Bikers. I am sure they very, very good.

You got and excellent birthday present!!!

Kayla said…
There is nothing like a day with your sister(s) is there? I have never heard of the Hairy Bikers...apparently the Food Network in the States hasn't got wind of them yet. Love the kilt. You were right...we wanted to see that. So, really.....do men often wear kilts to work?

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