Raindrops are Falling on my Head

Well, I have to report that Danny is still working on the car - he was hoping to get it finished today but  I have a sneaking suspicion that he isn't going to manage it. 
Tonight he is off to his woodwork evening class, so I think it will hopefully be tomorrow before it is finished - fingers crossed.  
So maybe we will manage get away on friday - weather permitting!!

Today it has been quite a miserable day. Wind, rain and bloomin' cold - you get the picture!!
 Anyway I decided I wanted to go out and take some pictures - I know I'm a fool!!!
So off I went and I did snap a few but by the time I got home I was drookit (a good Scots word meaning absolutely soaked) and freezing - in fact I could hardly feel my fingers. 
 I think winter is finally arriving in our part of the world.
As it was raining there were lots of raindrops hanging onto the branches of the trees and I love to take pictures of them.  
This one is not quite sharp enough but I loved the reflection in it. 
It was quite amusing when I was taking the pictures because every time I got close enough and was ready to hit the button the raindrop would decide to drop - so this one took quite a few attempts, lol. 
I also got quite a few landing on my head :))

Oh well that's me in for the night, in front of the fire maybe watching some telly if there is anything worth watching on and doing some knitting - I'm really getting into it now :))
The only trouble is Emma just asked me to knit her a jumper as well,  jings what it is to be in demand!!!

Happy Halloween everybody!!!  


TexWisGirl said…
happy knitting and warming back up!

the raindrop reflection shot is really nice!
Karen said…
Winter is on the way here as well! That's a lovely raindrop! Keep warm.
Buttons said…
Love the photo it is great. I like the picture in my head of you knitting by the fire. B
Sandra said…
Happy knitting! That's such a cosy thing to do when it's cold and wet outside! Nice reflection in the raindrop!
Rose said…
It is very cold here today, too...was yesterday and the day before.

I like your raindrop photo...I never seem to get very good captures of them. Maybe it is something I should work on.
Drookit, I like that one :-) It started raining again here this afternoon but thankfully it has not been so cold. Hope you get away at the weekend. Diane
Giga said…
Uśmiałam się, jak czytałam, że robiłaś zdjęcia kroplom wody, a na głowę też Ci krople spadały. Pozdrawiam.
I laughed as I read that you were doing photos of water drops, and drops his head or you fall. Yours.
Fiona said…
Enjoy your night Ellie
and knitting sounds good.

Love the raindrop photos
= lots of rain here too :(

Hopefully you will get away for a night or two -fingers crossed.

Happy Halloween

Rohrerbot said…
A cold Halloween:) Love it. SOunds like fun. I like your shot of the drop coming off the branch. Stay warm and enjoy:)
Lois Evensen said…
Ah, a lovely raindrop you have there indeed. Happy Halloween to you, too! :)
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Oh, love the wonderful picture of raindrop with reflection♡♡♡ "drookit" won't be good; finally we are using kerosine stove.
Yes, fingers crossed for the weather on your weekend!!!

Happy Halloween and Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Paul said…
I want a camera like yours. Great close up!
I hope you get away for a day or two before you are back to work. My hubby and I are heading away to the caravan for a few days from tomorrow. He is taking annual leave an I'm taking my normal days off. The break will be good.
Enjoy your knitting in front of the fire. I might take some with me ... mmm...now that's a thought.

Lea said…
I agree, the raindrop shot is so cool, with the reflection... it looks like an inverted snow globe without snow :) I love it!

Happy Halloween :)
EG CameraGirl said…
I'm so sorry your car is still being fixed! I love cars hen they work, but when they don't....
A fabulous raindrop capture. :)
I love the photo of the raindrop. It sounds like you will be doing a lot of knitting.

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