A Post - With Pictures!!!

Well,  I'm home!!!
I have come home feeling tired (very tired, but don't tell Laura and Kevin that, 'cause I'm sure they must feel more tired than me!!) and happy but missing them all an awful lot.

Anyway I had a few posts that I wanted to put up while I was away but between not having enough time and not being able to put pictures up I didn't get around to it.

Well, I have fixed the picture problem by changing from Firefox to Internet Explorer I'm not sure why firefox is giving me these problems.

Now onto baby Riley - I can see a change in him already he is looking to see who is speaking to him and he snuggles in  when you give him a wee cuddle - which is soooooo lovely let me tell you :))

I think I am suffering from some withdrawal symptoms and missing my daily cuddles :(

Anyway one of the things I wanted to post about is my fear of heights and that fact that when I go to New York at the end of the year I fully intend to go up the Empire State Building and also the Rockerfeller Center. 
So small steps to begin with - there is a viewing spot on the River Tay in Dundee and I decided I was going to go up by myself and take a picture of the view.
Can you see me at the top? - what you don't see is me clinging onto the handrails! 

Then I had to start the descent and boy were my knees shaking coming down. I think it was because I was having to look down.

Yay made it safely back to ground level :)) Can you see the relief on my face.

 Yes  I made it safely back to earth the only problem is that I only took my wee point and shoot up with me and when I went to snap the picture the batteries had died - aaarrrrgh!!!  So no picture and I certainly wasn't going back up again - my legs were shaking too much :))

But I did manage to climb it - so I was quite pleased with myself :))

Now I just had to add one of these pictures -  just because I can't help myself, lol.

All cosy sleeping on his gran - gran is quite cosy too :))

All together now - awe!!! lol.


TexWisGirl said…
tiny little one. i know you're going to have major withdrawals...
No pictures? Argh indeed!

But the photos of your little one made up for it. :)
joy said…
aaawwwwww, he's gorgeous xx
Sandra said…
How adorable baby Riley is with his fluffy baby hair! Proud granny is in heaven!
Well done for working on your fear of heights by climbing up those steps!
Paul said…
A lovely photo of you and Riley together. Well done facing your fears. I was fortunate in 1985 to go to the top of one of the Twin Towers which of course are no more. It is nice to have you back in the blogging world!
Karen said…
What a little sweetheart he is!
Good on you for facing that fear head on!
Kerri said…
What a sweetie! and congrats on facing your fear!!
Debbie said…
he is just too cute for words!! this is the best way to get tired!!
Jeanne said…
What sweet shots of this adorable little guy!
Rose said…
Awwwwww--I remember those days. If you are like me, you probably have to shed a tear or two. Just so hard not to be able to see them every day. Just nothing like them! He is adorable.
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie I can imagine the withdraw is just horrible. Riley is probably missing those hugs too. He is so beautiful.
Good for you on the climb:)B
eileeninmd said…
Ellie, what a cute grandbaby. Adorable photos. So glad you were able to make that climb. my knees get shaky coming down too.
What perfect little babes!!
mary x
Well done you!! That took a lot of doing!! I've heard it said that ballet dancers, when they have to do that round and round stuff...fix their eyes on just one point. I wonder whether that might help you??!
What a bonny wee boy. He's just gorgeous and seems so content!! I'm sure that it's because he feels so secure with Granny!! Joan
Pat MacKenzie said…
I checked back for more baby pictures and you didn't disappoint. I miss having a baby around...my youngest ones are 3 years old already!

I didn't know you were in the Dundee area. My youngest daughter spent a year there after finishing school about nine years ago.

Heights give me the willies too. The worse thing about your climb, for me, would have been the stairs with the open backs. They even make me nervous in houses. Good for you for working on conquering your fear.
ZielonaMila said…
Great post, beautiful photos:) Greetings
Dawn Yucuis said…
Riley is so cute. Great pictures.
Good grief does a small rise in altitude improve the view that much - at least that spiral staircase has a banister.

p.s. I should add my aww to the collection (I rather like babies,especially those you can give back at night (done that bit))

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