Five Minutes

Well, I did it!!
My presentation was yesterday afternoon.

My topic was to be on Customer Care in the Surgery!!!!
I was well prepped and had created my power point slides and was just waiting for the moment to come. 

We picked names out of a hat to decide when we would each have our turn. 
I had been told the two worst slots were being first and last.  

Guess which one I was -
Yikes - but that was ok it would mean I would get it out of the way quick.
But the nearer the time got the faster my heart was beating and it was all I could think about.

I got up set up my slides and had my notes handy - which I didn't really want to read from, I wanted to speak to my audience but was worried I would lose my place. 

But the minute I turned to speak I started to shake, rattle and roll.  
I swear I even think my hair was shaking, lol.  Not  a good look (or feeling)  I can tell you!!!
 However I didn't use my notes and I completely forgot to use the slides and my voice shook with every syllable I spoke. 
But my five minutes finally came to an end and my torture was thankfully over. 

I felt it went dreadfully but my colleagues - lovely supportive girls that they are - said lovely things about it and said it didn't go as badly as I thought it had!!!    
My tutor said that even though I was very nervous it was well prepped and delivered well. I don't think she could possibly be hearing the same speach I was giving, lol.

Every time I think about it I cringe.
I had a picture in my head of how well I would do and the reality didn't match my internal vision.  Oh well!!  It's over and I'm not planning on doing that again for a loooooong time.
I know I'm a wimp!  :))) 

I do wonder though, what brings on these types of reactions. I knew I was very nervous but never thought I would react like that. 
I'm obviously not cut our to be a public speaker, but them I sort of knew that already :))

Anyway on to nicer and more calming thoughts and a couple of pretty pictures.

We had a really rainy day the other day and when I was sitting in our dining room I saw these lovely raindrops sparkling on the trees.  So pretty!!!
So I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.
There,  I feel better already. :)))


TexWisGirl said…
thanks for sharing the beauty. and glad you survived your presentation! :)
Well done, Ellie. You did it!
Beautiful photographs, I don't know how you do those lovely close-ups, I only ever see the big picture when I am looking. I suppose we're all different - and that's what makes the world such an interesting place.

Buttons said…
Oh Ellie that is very common I am sure it felt worse to you than it looked to your audience. I am the same way I can talk to anyone and that is a fact but place me in front of a crowd and well you described it perfectly. You made it good for you. Beautiful photos. B
Jill said…
Beautiful shots! I'm so proud of you did it! That's all that matters!
Sheila said…
Public speaking is not for everyone me included so I feel for you but I ams her you did fine and as you said it is over ! Loved the photos !
Oh good for you. Congratulations!
Bev said…
What beautiful pictures.... and about the presentation... I know exactly what you must of felt like... I would of been the same:))
Sandra said…
Pretty shots after the rain. We're getting plenty of that, aren't we?!
So you got through your presentation. There are several natural remedies you can take before such ordeals, one of them is Rescue Remedy in drop form by Dr Bach (in most chemists), start taking it 24 hours in advance at regular intervals.
There are also homeopathic remedies you can take. Best to describe your symptoms to a certified homeopathic therapist or pharmacist who sells these products. It will be worth trying these when something similar crops up in the future!
Nancy Claeys said…
Never was a big fan of giving presentations, although I have given a few in my time. Proud of you!
Debbie said…
it's like those droplets are frozen in time!!

i'm glad the presentation is behind you, it's not like we're still in 8th grade!!
Dawn Yucuis said…
I am happy that your presentation is over. I would be the same way, I hate having to speak in front of an audience. Your photos are gorgeous.
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic post, wonderful spring views:) I am greeting
Rose said…
I would have been just like you...I have never had to do anything like that...other than a speech on graduation from high school. That was my first and last...I am not cut out for it either.

Lovely pics!
Pat MacKenzie said…
I dread public speaking too. Luckily I don't have to do it anymore. I used to get big red blotches on my face and neck whenever I got up in front of a crowd.

Your pictures are lovely. I love raindrop pictures.
Giga said…
Dałaś radę i to najważniejsze. Deszczowe zdjęcia są bardzo ładne. Pozdrawiam.
You gave advice and the most important thing. Rainy pictures are very nice. Yours.

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