Heart Stone

We have the luxury of being off for three whole days this weekend.  Monday is a public holiday here.  It is so nice to have an extra day off, the only trouble is that we just know when we go back to work on Tuesday it will be pandemonium and so busy!!!

But we won't think about that until Tuesday :))) and I'm just going to enjoy my three days. 

Today the weather has been absolutely lovely so Danny and I went for a wee day trip along the coast.  We drove for about two hours.  The roads were very busy - it seems that the minute the sun came out everybody got the same idea as us!!!

I did of course take lots of pictures - they're not on the computer yet but as soon as they are I will do a post about it.

This evening at around 9pm Karen and I took a walk along the beach front.  It was a good bit chillier but it was a lovely walk and nice and quiet too. 

In fact walking along the path I found this:

A heart shape set in the path. I couldn't believe it - what a cool thing to see!

We also noticed that there were lots of dandelion heads around.  Now I love these - they are so light and feathery looking. 

 Other news is that lovely Riley is finding his smile - there is nothing much that can beat the smile of a wee baby :))

That's all I have for today folks, have a lovely weekend all!!! :)


Jill said…
Such a wonderful surprise for you (and us) on your walk!

I also love dandelion heads. So pretty and delicate.

Riley is growing so fast. He's adorable!
TexWisGirl said…
sweet little guy! thanks for sharing your finds.
Debbie said…
Pretty, pretty and cute!! Enjoy your three day weekend!!
Karen said…
My granddaughter and I always look for hearts in nature. That's a beaut! I love dandelions, in bloom and seed. And on my, Riley's smile is so darn cute! Enjoy your time off.
Sandra said…
I love that heart-shape in the stone! What a gorgeous smile little Riley has! I bet the whole family is melting at his charm!
Tracy Wood said…
I have been off the 'blogger radar' for a while, but it's nice to be back! The smile on that little face is so heart-warming!
Ailime said…
Olá amiga, belíssimo o vosso passeio, mas o bebé é muito mais lindo ainda:))! Continuação de boas mini férias. Abraços Ailime
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie, that smile just says it all...I would be wrapped around his little finger for sure.
Sush said…
Oh my Riley is such a charmer! I'd love to be out walking with you, I think it would be delightful!

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