A Lovely Sunny Day

Well. it's just typical I take a week's holiday and it rains, it's windy and cold.
 Then the first day back at work and it was a gorgeous day.  Lovely bright blue sky, sun splitting the sky and it's hot - in fact some may even say it was t-shirt weather and we don't get many days like that around here these days!! 
Although it has to be said the good weather only lasted the one day - I just hope that wasn't our summer for the year!!!
 I thought I'd take a wander around our garden to see what colour I could find. 

Our wee apple tree has blossoms already - which will hopefully mean some lovely apples come the autumn.

We also have a tree which was here when we moved into this house around 19 years ago.  I've no idea what it is but it does have some lovely blossoms every year.  
They start off being these wee red buds and then they turn into lovely light pink blossom.  One year we even had two sets of blossoms. When it is in full bloom it is really pretty.  

And then there is the common dandelion flower, which is a real pain in the garden but nonetheless quite a pretty wee flower - I just know that Danny won't agree with me about the pretty flower bit, sorry Dan :))

     I hope you are having lovely weather wherever you are in the world :))


TexWisGirl said…
those blossoms are bright red! very pretty!
Karen said…
I love dandelions, and since lawn chemicals are banned in my part of Canada, I have a glorious crop in the year!
Chris Rohrer said…
I, like you, would welcome such color!!
Dawn Yucuis said…
It is so nice to see color outside again. I love the photos of the spring time blossoms.
Sandra said…
So lovely to see spring happening at last, isn't it Ellie? It's raining here this morning though!
Lovely blossoms and I love dandelion flowers - even though gardeners try to keep them out of their gardens! Your young apple tree has very promising looking buds!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful flowers, fantastic colours:) I am greeting
Rose said…
About the dandelions...I said something to Papaw about getting this weed and feed to put on the yard to kill the dandelion...I said it in front of Lorelei and she almost started crying. She loves them so much...so I told her I would leave them;-)
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie these are incredible photos. It is raining here today but we need it. B
What beautiful flowers!! Happy weekend!
Mary x
Lovely pics! I wonder if your mystery tree is a variety of Maleus? I, too, love the dandelion. It is such a pretty flower and the seed heads are beautiful. I always love the flocks of Goldfinches that come to eat them. When I was staying France (in my teens I hasten to add) The family would regularly go out into the fields to gather dandelion leaves to put in their salads and they were very tasty. My mother wouldn't try it when I came home and told her!! Joan
I'm sorry to hear that your vacation weather was not nice.

Hope your weekend is restful. And congratulations again on becoming a granma. :)
It's supposed to be winter here Ellie, and today I was sitting around in a sleeveless tee shirt, so you tell me.
As for flowers, my sister loves dandelions, she reckons it's her favourite flower. It's certainly cheerful.

blessings, Diana
Pat MacKenzie said…
Isn't it lovely when color comes back into our lives after a long cold winter! I love dandelions, such a bright sunny color and happy harbinger of spring.

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