Just Before The Sun's Bedtime

Well I didn't go out for my walk today, it really wasn't as nice today as it was yesterday. It has been quite a grey day - it didn't rain though and that makes a nice change.

But this evening at around 5pm it suddenly brightened up, the sun was shining brightly and there was the beginnings of a lovely blue sky.  

 I was  picking Emma up from work and I thought I'd take my camera down to the beach to see if there was a decent sunset.  
I'm afraid I was just a wee bit early for a sunset, the sun was huge and lying really low in the sky. But the view over the water was amazing - I'm always amazed how quickly the sky changes colour. 

These pictures were all taken within about 15 minutes.  This will probably be my first sunset pictures of this year, hopefully there will be many more - I just love a really good sunset, don't you?

Have a great week everone :))


Jeanne said…
Lovely, and looks as if the weather is getting nicer just in time for Monday. How is that ??
Buttons said…
LOVE sunsets and your are stunning Ellie. WOW love the colours. More to come yeah. B
Sandra said…
So nice to see your water shots with the sky turning a shade of gold with hints of orange!
and while you were taking those photos I was taking picture of our snowfall!! Take care Diane
Debbie said…
so pretty and peaceful!!
TexWisGirl said…
love the soft colors! and love that you have a beach nearby to take them from. :)
Karen said…
Sunset over water, nothing better!
Giga said…
Pięknie niebo się robiło coraz bardziej złote. Pozdrawiam.
Beautiful sky was getting more and more in gold. Yours.
Jill said…
Such serene beauty! Thanks for sharing!
Dawn Yucuis said…
I love the pictures of the sunset. So beautiful!!
Lovely photos! It is amazing how quick the sun does set at the moment. I was walking the dog watching it set the other day, but didn't have my camera with me and by the time I got home (only about 10 mins) it had already gone :(
geetlee said…
I love a great sunset too! Beautiful shots, I love the beautiful golden tones in all the photographs.
Kala said…
Those images are so peaceful and soothing.
Betty Manousos said…
love your sunsets, dear ellie.

they are all stunning! love the soft golden tones.

have a great weekend.

big hugs
Rose said…
I have hardly blogged for the past month....so am just the couple of days trying to see what I have missed. These are beautiful sunset shots...just calming to look at them.

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