A Little Bit of Colour

We have just got back from a very lovely visit to Laura.  We had a really nice day over in Dundee. Their baby furniture was delivered - cot, wardrobe and dresser.  So Danny and Kevin got together and built it all up, and I have to say it does look really good.
At the same time Laura and and I took a walk into town and into a coffee shop for a nice drink and an even nicer muffin. It was lovely and we had a good old chinwag :))

On the way home we thought we would drop into Stirling to see the church we usually see from the road, the only trouble was that there was a service on and we couldn't really park and have a look around so we will have to do that another time.  
 I've posted this picture a couple of times - but just so you can see which church I'm talking about!

I have been feeling the need for some colour in my blog and I can't wait until Springtime.  So I decided to look through some of my old pictures and I found these. And they fair cheered me up. You really can't beat a little bit of colour can you.

These shots were taken a couple of years ago when we were in Norfolk - in a beautiful garden which was open to the public. 

I hope you get as much pleasure out of them as I did :)

Have a lovely week everyone :)) 


TexWisGirl said…
those are beautiful. thanks, ellie. sounds like they're almost ready for the little one!
Nancy Claeys said…
Very pretty Ellie. So much excitement getting ready for the stork to arrive. :)
Beautiful photos, Ellie. I'll be looking forward to seeing photos of the church when they aren't having service.

Have a great week!
Karen said…
It's always fun getting the baby fruniture set up. Lovely shots Ellie, I could use a little Spring too.
Lovely photos but it will not be long before there is colour back again. We have a little bit of pink, mauve and white showing in the odd place at last. Now if the rain just stops for a while I can get some work done in the garden! Have a good week Diane
Buttons said…
Oh baby furniture how exciting the time is near.:)
I love that old church it is awesome.
Colour yes it is nice to see some colour beautiful. B
Cheryl said…
How exciting, the furniture up makes it even closer! Lovely pictures, not long till Spring now, I do hope it's a nice one (and summer too) :) xx
Giga said…
Miło spędziłaś czas z córką. Oglądać teraz na zdjęciach kwiaty i letnie widoki do radość, bo za oknami biało. Pozdrawiam.
Nice to have spent time with her daughter. Now watch the pictures flowers and summer views of the joy, because the windows white. Yours.
Jill said…
So pretty! You've got me longing for spring!
Sandra said…
I see that lots of people are longing for spring as summery and flowery pictures are popping up everywhere! I especially enjoyed your shot of a pond with a little bridge and masses of greenery.
The preparations for a first baby are always so exciting, aren't they? Having the baby furniture arrive makes it all seem so real!
Kerri said…
As I write this it is 16F here .... very cold! So these beautiful spring flowers did Cheer me up!!
Debbie said…
oh ellie, thpse last 2 images are stunning!!
Rose said…
Oh, I am ready for some color, too...and I did enjoy these. And I hope you get to explore that church someday soon. I would love to see a whole lot of pics of it. I bet it is really beautiful.
Wonderful pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments! When are you coming to New England? Autumn is spectacular here! Funny thing that you're coming here later this year because I'm heading your way later this year! Going to England and Scotland in June and I can't wait! Used to live in England as a teen, but it's been so long since I've been out there. Will definitely look through your pics of Scotland! xx
Ellie - Those pictures would cheer ANYONE up. :)
Sounds like a perfect day. I'm ready for spring too.
Lovely pictures - I feel warmer just for looking at them!
Mary x
Jeanne said…
Hi Ellie! Such lovely spring shots, and they are like a balm to my soul! I can't really complain in texas about the cold, but everything is so BROWN, so your photos are very nice to see. Hope that Laura is doing well, and know that she ( and you) are getting very excited. You are going to love being a grandma to that wee babe! And what a great grandma you will be! Expect to see lots of photos! Here is to spring!
Julie G. said…
Exquisite, colorful photographs, Ellie! I'm ready for spring to arrive, but in the meantime, I will soak up your magical images. Lovely!
Lovely pictures...makes me long for the summer!! We went to Stirling when we went up to Scotland a few years ago! It seemed to be a lovely place! Joan

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