Snowy Wednesday

Here I am with another update.

I woke up this morning to see snow falling.  We don't get a lot of snow here (especially not the kind that lies on the ground), we normally get rain and sleet instead.  It is strange because just a few miles up the road the snow can lie really deeply, we live in quite a sheltered area here!!!

Well I thought I'd nip out with my camera and take a couple of pictures to capture the icy drops.
Don't they look like wee diamonds?

Another big piece of news is - 

We have booked our holiday for the end part of the year, yay!!!!
  I am soooooo excited about it.  We will be flying to New York for a couple of days then travelling onto Boston for a couple of days and then driving around New England.  
I have always fancied seeing New England in the Autumn and now I am actually going to see it. 
That will be a few things ticked off my bucket list!
Now we just have to pay for it and wait patiently for it to come along (and if you knew me you would realise that is not one of my best traits, lol).

Laura was through for a visit yesterday and is away back home today, it was really nice to see her.  I love having all my girls together we always have such a nice time.  Laura is now 31 weeks pregnant - sheesh is it going so fast.

I have been trying to catch up with everybody - if I haven't been by to say hi I will be there shortly. :))


Giga said…
Szkoda, ze to nie są prawdziwe diamenty, tylko śnieżne. Dla mnie mogą się roztopić, bo mam już zimy dość. Wspaniale, ze wakacje już zaplanowane. Pozdrawiam.
It is a pity that they are not real diamonds, just snow. For me it can melt, because I've had enough of winter. Great, the holidays already planned. Yours.
Jeanne said…
How fun to get a little snow! It almost looks like ice. How exciting to be coming to NYC and Boston and then around New England. I used to live there... you will love it!
Buttons said…
Yeah snowy diamonds for Ellie I can not think of a better gift.
Wow your trip brings you closer to me well not that close but you are going to have fun. I have never seen that area either.
I love having my girls home too I miss that I have not seen them since Christmas:(
Oh Grandma you are going to be an awesome Grandma. Hug B
Sandra said…
Your snow looks like frozen rain!! Yes, glistening diamonds on the earth!
You have a great sounding holiday planned for the autumn!
Cheryl said…
How pretty, really hoping the snow by passes us this time though :) xx
Karen said…
They do look like little sparkling gems! How cool to be coming across the pond! The time will go quickly!
Great pics Ellie, what camera do you have? Your holiday sounds fab, bet you can't wait!! :)
TexWisGirl said…
autumn in new england - how awesome!
Rose said…
I wish I lived in New least while you were visiting! Sounds like you will have a fun trip.
Claudia Moser said…
New England sounds exciting, it is on my list too! Enjoy
Debbie said…
Your snow is so beautiful Ellie, you really captured its sparkle! New York is both exciting and for me a little overwhelming, but there is lots to see and do! You will love New England in the fall!
geetlee said…
Yayyyyyy a trip to New York and Boston sounds awesome!! Congratulations :)
Beautiful pics of the snow.. they do look like diamonds.
Stay warm.
Your trip sounds wonderful. I am sure it will be a lot of fun! Before you know it your grandbaby will be here.
Anonymous said…
I'm excited for you to see New England! We visited there for 2 weeks in the fall and it was WONDERFUL! It does seem like Laura's pregnancy is going fast, but I'm guessing it's slow for her! :)

I started using Firefox today instead of Internet Explorer and was able to upload photos with no problem. Thank heavens! :)
Lovely snowy photos Ellie
brrr it looks Cold!

31 weeks wow baby will be here before you know it.

Nice to have your holiday to look forward to, it will break up these cold days

Have a good weekend

x Fiona
Nancy Claeys said…
Your snow almost looks like sleet (that's what we call it here...)

Yay for the travel plans. Sounds like an awesome trip Ellie.
Kayla said…
Now that I don't live in a state where I see snow, it makes me smile too. I can appreciate its beauty much more when I am not trying to drive in it or shoveling constantly! I am so excited for your holiday to the states. It is beautiful and you will have a grand time over here. Wish you were coming closer to me so we could get together! Maybe your next vacation can be a visit to the plantations of the south...or something!

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