Eeeeek A Mouse!!!!

Hoots mon there's a moose loose aboot this hoose!!!!
Now I guess you all know what that translates into. 
Yup we have indeed got a mouse in our house. Eeeeek!!!

We discovered our little unwanted visitor just after Christmas. Danny had been given one of those really big toblerone bars and had been working his way throught it.  He had left it on the floor (in it's box) one night and the next morning we discovered it had been nibbled and the silver wrapping was strewn across the floor.  Just to be sure that it was indeed a mouse he left the last triangle of chocolate lying on the floor the next night (still in it's box) and you know what - the wee blighter ate the whole thing. Jings  I bet it had a sore stomach after eating all of that!!!!

So we bought a couple of covered traps which were set off but we were never sure if a mouse was indeed in it and indeed we still have one roaming around 

  Danny actually saw it one night sprinting across the floor in the living room.  I am so glad I didn't see it.  Don't get me wrong, mice don't scare me I just don't like the idea of it living in my house.

So we have had to eventually turn to poison (please don't hate me!!!).  
I feel really bad about it but I just want rid of them now :( 

Now onto a more pleasant subject. 

You may notice there is no picture with this post! Well I haven't been out picture taking in quite a wee while.  Of late the weather has been pretty dismal here - but today it has been really lovely. Blue sky with a real chill in the air.  
Just the kind of day I love :))

Danny and I took a walk round to my mum and dad's. They have just bought a new car and very nice it is too. We sat and blethered with them for a while before heading back home.  
I took my wee camera with me but you know what?  Everything is kind of dead and twiggy looking.  I did take one picture but it really was nothing special, so I haven't even bothered to put it on my computer. 

If it is a nice day tomorrow I think I'll take myself off somewhere and see what I can see. 

Fingers crossed!!!     


Jeanne said…
ohhh this reminds me of a time long back when I opened a kitchen cupboard and a mouse ran out and right down my arm. i can still hear the screaming! Hope you catch that little mouse mon.... don't want those aboot in your hoose!
Uh oh. I can loan you Willie. That cat is the best mouser I've ever met.
busybusybeejay said…
How lovely to live near your parents.One good thing about having a cat is that you are unlikely to get mice.
TexWisGirl said…
good luck with the rodent. where there's one there's usually more!
Cheeky little mouse - you need a Jack Russell Terrier!
Mary x
Tracy Wood said…
We had a few little critters living in our pantry last fall.... didn't take much to get rid of them..nasty little things! Good luck!
Jill said…
I don't blame you at all! I wouldn't allow a mouse to roam in my home either!
Debbie said…
there is never just one ;))
Kerri said…
Eeeeeek! I hope you get him before he starts a family!
Sandra said…
I see that you must be very reassured by being told there is never only one mouse!
Aw! A little mouse has to live and provide for his family. Perhaps your mouse is a daddy mouse and took that last piece of chocolate to Mrs Mouse and all his children to have a chocolate feast and then they danced till the wee hours of the morning?!
Paul said…
We miss your photos. Mice freak me out big time!
Paige said…
Hi Ellie, I'm new to your blog and enjoying your posts. Where are you in Scotland? I was there last year visiting Oban, Mull, Iona, Portree among other places. Beautiful country - LOVED Skye. Hope you track down your mouse!
Betty Manousos said…
oh NO! mice always freak me out.
i hope you capture this little rascal soon!

Ok Uck Ellie
I hate mice they scare me with their strange little eyes and squirmy tails.....

Shivering now!

Glad you got him

Have a good week and I hope this weather improves. It's so blooming cold

Stay warm my friend.

x Fiona
Giga said…
Nie gniewam się na Ciebie, że chesz sie pozbyć myszy z domu, przecież to nie jej dom. Pozdrawiam.
I'm not mad at you, do you want to get rid of the mice out of the house, it's not her house. Yours.
SizzleandZoom said…
Good luck mouse hunting and picture taking!
Dawn Yucuis said…
I feel the same way about mice as you do. I hope that you had luck catching it.
Anonymous said…
I very much dislike mice running around inside the house. I hope you caught the little buggers. :)
geetlee said…
Oh gosh! I know poison isn't the best but I would resort to it too :( I hope you were able to get rid of it.
Rose said…
I have not taken even half as many pictures as I normally take. Just been occupied with other things where I needed to stay close to home.

With cats we don't have mice, but any time we have been without a cat, we always got one or two in the fall. And you have to do something...can't have them into everything.

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