February Already!!!!

Yikes,  another week has passed since my last post.  I am getting really bad at this.
Mind you I have been a wee bit busy trying to plan our holiday for the end of the year. I have spent hours pouring over the internet. We haven't booked it yet - but soon!!!
I can tell you all though - I am so excited about it :)))

Anyway these next few pictures are from January when the weather was a bit nicer that it is now. 

Even though it was a bit chilly it was lovely and bright. 
Now though, it is bloomin' freezing, raining (with some sleet in it) and very very windy.  Not at all pleasant let me tell you!!!!

I am having a few days off work on annual leave and I'm not venturing very far - I quite like spending some time in the house though just doing what I want.  
Just now (apart from typing this blog) we have Harry Potter on the telly and Karen, Emma and I are enjoying it :))  
The fire is on and it is nice and cosy in the house. 

On Sunday Karen and I visited our local garden centre.  There wasn't much there to be honest but it is winter and not a lot of growth happening at the moment, but I did spot these two flowers which were very pretty.  So I had to take a couple of picture just for a wee bit of colour to add to the post.  

I actually can't wait until the Spring comes. It won't be long though - can you believe it's February already - I can't!!!!

Have a great week everybody. 


TexWisGirl said…
you're getting some nice greens there, too!
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie your photos are so beautiful and I love the Harry Potter movie and warmth and love picture in my head you have created. Hug B
Giga said…
Ciekawe gdzie pojedziesz na wakacje, pewno w jakieś ciepłe miejsce. Pozdrawiam.
I wonder where you go on holiday, probably in a warm place. Yours.
Sandra said…
We're getting it windy here too, Ellie. Winter hasn't said its last word yet!
I push myself out to go on walks and then come back home in the warm to do all sorts of homely things like bread baking and crochet when I'm not working!
You found some nice flowers to photograph from the garden centre!
Lovely flower pictures Ellie...can't wait for spring to arrive, but we have just had a flurry of snow that has settled!!! Aarrrgh.. Happy holiday booking :)
Lois Evensen said…
You still had some lovely green in January. :) It's grey here in Ohio now that it is February, too. Lovely flowers. :)
Karen said…
A pretty green February. We are under snow cover. A trip to the garden centre is a great idea. Enjoy your time off.
I can't wait for spring to come also. I love the lovely photos of the flowers, makes want spring to come even faster.
Paul said…
You always take delightful photos, Ellie! Love the contrasting brown and green in the first photos!
Rose said…
I keep asking myself where did January go...it was here and gone. Nothing like nasty weather to make us appreciate being able to stay inside where it is warm.
geetlee said…
Hi Ellie,
I know what you mean about time simply flying between blog posts! I keep thinking that I will blog more than once a week but it simply doesn't seem to happen!
I hope you book a lovely holiday for yourself.. can't wait to hear about it! And nothing like spending time-off at home. I cherish that the most :)
pretty pretty! boy you sure have an early spring! Ours comes in March/April. ; )

Saskatoon, Canada
sounds like you are having a cosy time - can't wait until Spring either - we are expecting 15 inches of snow here!!!
Mary x
Debbie said…
these are so pretty ellie!! i love the browns and misty feel in the first one!!
Lovely photos Ellie.

I hope that you have a great weekend.
I can't wait for spring either.

Take care

Betty Manousos said…
lovely pictures ellie.
i am longing for spring too.

i hope that you have a great week ahead~
My posts are also getting further apart, but as long as the odd one gets posted that I think all is well :-) Keep warm and looking forward to hearing where you are going on holiday. Take care Diane
Pat MacKenzie said…
I've been kind of slow to blog this past week or so too. Must be the weather! Your home sounds so cosy with the fire glowing and the family together. Enjoy your inside time.

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