Our Holiday - Part 2 (Boston)

We got up on the Wednesday morning and caught a yellow cab to Penn Station to catch our Amtrak train to Boston! 
You know every little thing we did - such as taking a yellow cab and catching a train - was quite exciting and I felt a bit like a small child on Christmas morning, lol.

Anyway,  the train journey was very comfy, the trains seem that much bigger and more comfy than they do at home!!!  We had bought a couple of Dunkin Donuts (are they great or what?) before we got on the train and a coffee on board to keep us going.
The journey took about 4 hours and we arrived in Boston South Station at around 3pm.

I took lots of pictures on the journey and most of them are a bit blah but I did get a couple of half decent shots of the scenery as we sped by.

South Station, Boston

We walked the 20/30 minutes to the hotel and enjoyed the fresh air and scenery. 
We were booked into The Taj Hotel, Boston, a VERY nice hotel which I would recommend to anyone - just look at our room.

An outside shot of the hotel.

We decided to have dinner in the restaurant - which was delicious by the way, oh and I had a Boston Cream Pie, all I can say about that is yummmy!!! 

We then decided to go for a walk along Newbury Street which is a lovely street with some great shops. Danny was quite clever doing that as it was dark and the shops were shut so I couldn't do any shopping, mmm spoilsport.
 It was a nice walk though!!!

We found out by chance that the Red Sox were playing their first game of the World Series at Fenway Park the first night we were there. I kind of wish I had known and I would have tried to get tickets - that would have been a cool thing to go and see!!
Anyway in honour of them playing all we could see were capes and red beards

Statue of Washington complete with cape and red beard :))

We walked through Boston Garden,  such beautiful gardens.

Just look at that pile of leaves!!

I spotted a red leaf in amongst all the brown ones.

Massachusetts State house - complete with Red Sox banner :)

More tall buildings with a small one in the middle.

Quincy Market - an awesome food market.

I just loved these leaves!!

Fenway Park - home of the Red Sox!

We took an Old Town Tram around the city which took in all the sights. We stopped off at the Boston Tea Party - which was really good. We got on the ship and some people even got to throw tea overboard, then we went to Abigail's Tearoom for some tea and  a blueberry scone  which was really tasty. I have to say the two actors in costumes - especially the one in blue - were really good and really brought it to life for us.

Faneuil Hall and Abercrombie & Fitch (my daughter's favourite shop)

Old South Meeting House - where the Boston Tea Party began.

After a lot of walking we decided to walk back towards  the hotel through Boston Gardens and we spotted these wee guys - how cute are they with their beards and capes. I think this might be my favourite pic from Boston, lol.

Make Way for Ducklings

We stopped off at the Cheers pub - do you remember watching Cheers on the telly? 
 We loved it!  
We went in and had dinner there which was really tasty.
Cheers from the Cheers pub :))
Again there was soooo much more I wanted to do and see but we only had one full day there - yet another city for us to visit again one day. 
On the Friday we had to go to Logan Airport to pick up our hire car which we were going to drive around 
New England. 

To be continued!!!


I wanted to reply to Lowell&Faye's  comment on my last post. Thanks for your lovely comments, I didn't realise that was the World Trade Center building - thanks so much for pointing that out, it is a stunning building :))
You know we used to read Winnie the Pooh stories to our girls at bedtime and they loved them (and so did we) they are wonderful stories! :)


Hello Ellie,
I'm so glad to see your beautiful photos and read that you had such a good time in the US! :)
Rose said…
Cheers was one of my favorite shows and I still watch reruns...I wondered if you liked American shows. I love things like Downton Abby, Wallander, New Tricks....etc.

Love seeing our world through your eyes. Wish you could have had a lot of time...
Sandra said…
You certainly packed a lot of visiting into your short stay in each place! I find the buildings are the most interesting things to look at in another country because they are so different to those we are used to at home. These are no exception. So nice you have so many pictures to remember where you went and what you saw!
Sheila said…
Lovely photos Ellie, I was in Boston for the first time in August and loved it and seen a lot of what you have shown here . Luckly I did get to a Red Socks game and they were playing the Yankees , it doesn't get any better than that. Enjoy your visit .
Debbie said…
awesome views of boston ellie, i have never been!!

perhaps it's in my near future. i'm happy you got to visit!!
Giga said…
Cieszę się, że jesteś od początku zadowolona z wyjazdu i podziwiasz to, co chciałaś zobaczyć. Kaczki na końcu spaceru były bardzo zabawne. Pozdrawiam.
I am glad that you are pleased with the early departure and admire what you wanted to see. Ducks at the end of the walk was very funny. Yours.
Jeanne said…
Well just loved seeing all of your wonderful photos of Boston, and it did sound as if you were on the run most of the time. I love Fanueil Hall there, and could hang out there for hours. I have to say that one of my favorite shots here is of the ducks. Over the weekend, I could only see them on my phone, and could not tell if they were ducks or not.... now i see what they are... So adorable and what perfect outfits for when you were there. I am anxious to hear now about our driving tour and where you went. I remember the first time my husband and i went to England... OMG, it was just terrible trying to drive on the "wrong side" of the road out of London. Thought we were going to be killed, and Boston traffic is not too great either. Congrats on doing that. Very much enjoying your travel posts, and anxious to see what comes next.
TexWisGirl said…
i thought i had left a comment here the other day, but i don't see it so i guess it didn't 'take'.

glad you're back at home and had a good visit to the US. the cheers bar would be fun. 'norm!' :)

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