Well we are back from our holiday.

And let me tell you we had a FANTASTIC time. We went to SO many places and saw some wonderful sights :))

The one downside to our perfect trip was 


Yuk, I'm only just starting to feel human again.  We got home at around 9.30am on Monday and now it's Thursday night and I can hardly wait for the weekend to begin.

As a result of this jetlag I haven't even begun to sort my pictures out yet.  
Can you believe that I took 1700 pics - yup you read that right 1700, phew that is going to take some going through let me tell you.  
Not only that but Danny took around 1500 - ye gadz what is wrong with us. Is it normal to take that many pictures?

Anyway I wanted to pop on to say  "Hi we're back and once I've got myself sorted out I'll do a proper post with piccies and everything.


Lois Evensen said…
I look forward to seeing your pictures. Travel pictures are always fun.
Rose said…
Glad to see you back...yep, I can believe 1700...I would probably have taken more! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!
Jeanne said…
Oh so excited to see that you got home ok and that you had a wonderful time while you were on your trip. Of course it is not too bad to take 1700 photos, and that made me laugh. I took 7000 the last time I was in Italy, and still haven't completely sorted those out. I cannot believe that you have actually gone back to work so fast. No wonder you have jet lag. I always do better going your way, than coming back this direction. Cna't wait to see some of your photos, and see what you liked the best. If you don't post more often, I am going to have to phone you up and see them on skype instead. HA! Hope for you the weekend comes soon, and so glad that you had an awesome time. Jeanne
I'm looking forward to seeing some of your holiday snaps - once you've recovered of course - and to hearing all about your trip. Just get over your jetlag first.

Sandra said…
Jet lag! That is really awful, I know! I can see that you're posting this blog information at near to midnight and I'm writing to you at just after 5 am! Crazy early morning too!
Anyway, glad you had such a wonderful trip!
Goodnight! ;)
Buttons said…
Welcome back my friend I cannot wait to see the photos and hear about your trip. Hug B
Jeanne said…
OK girl.... jeglag is over and now, send us some photos! Getting restless here.

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