I've been meaning to get this post up for a few days now, but between one thing and another I'm only just getting around to it.

We visited Laura, Kevin and Riley on Sunday.  Laura and Riley haven't been very well - some sort of virus - it really laid them low but they are now finally on the road to recovery thank goodness.  
Makes a mum/gran feel kind of useless when you are too far away to help!!!  
Anyway we had a lovely visit and wee Riley is getting bigger all the time. 

 Note to self - I'll need to do an up-to-date post on  him soon.

Tonight I'm away to my weekly class of Pilates, last week was my first week back after my holiday and let's just say I paid for that in muscle pain the next few days.  
Hopefully tonight will be a bit easier - wish me luck!!!

Anyway back to my travel report - I hope I'm not boring everyone rigid with this. 
 I have to say though it's great looking at the pictures and writing about it :))

We left Hyannis and started on our way to Mystic.  
I remember seeing a film a few years back called Mystic Pizza.  
I felt this was one place we just had to visit.

 Before we got there we did a wee detour round Newport - we didn't stop but we did drive through Ocean Drive and saw some stunning homes. 

Just look at this!!

And imagine having this for a view.  My picture doesn't really do it justice, the sky was so blue and the water was twinkling in the sunlight. 
 So beautiful!!!

We eventually arrived at Mystic and found somewhere to spend the night.   When that was all sorted we headed out to Mystic Seaport.
It was fascinating there, lots of ships even a whaling ship.  
Danny was in his element!!! 
The scenery was pretty outstanding too (I've discovered I like taking pictures of boats , lol)

We came out of the museum at closing time and the light was starting to dim,  but when we got to the car park we saw this sight - what a blaze of colour.

We then decided to go for a walk into the town.  
Mystic has a drawbridge which is very impressive with two huge concrete blocks. 

Remember I talked about the film Mystic Pizza, well we went for dinner there.  Apparently the script writer of the film decided to eat there and based the film on 3 waitresses who worked there.  I was kind of waiting for Julia Roberts to come and serve me, lol. 

It was filmed in and around the town. 
Such a great place to have dinner. 
I highly recommend it :))

Here I am with my pizza - it had chicken, bacon and bbq sauce.  
Soooooo tasty :))

The view over the Mystic River just after the sun went to bed!

Danny and I both loved Mystic - such a pretty wee town, in fact I think I heard him say it was the best bit of the holiday!!
I would really love to go back and spend much more time there. 

Oh well, onwards to the next stop....


TexWisGirl said…
the last scene and pizza would be enough for me to want to go there. :)
Kerri Farley said…
It looks like a GREAT place! you pics are Lovely!!!
Jeanne said…
It looks to me as if you had a great time in mystic, and wow, the trees were still pretty. I was really afraaid for you that it was going to be too late for good trees. Sorry that Julia Roberts did a no show. I used to live in Newport, RI for about 3 years,.in fact, that is where my oldest daughter was born. The mansions there are really amazing and I think my favorite was THE BREAKERS. I also love the marina where the sailboats are, and got to go the cup races when I lived there. Looks like you really had fun in Mystic though... a place that I have never been. love the shot of you enjoying your pizza! Will look forward to more shots and the next leg of your trip!
Debbie said…
ooohhhh ellie, you saw the best mystic has to offer, it doesn't look like you missed anything!!

we only ate once at mystic pizza, it wasn't great but i loved the decor and vibe!!

Rose said…
I love ships and boats, too. Just love watching them...would photograph them if I had the chance.

I have to tell you your last picture is absolutely wonderful. And I loved #12, too.
Karen said…
Lovely shots! I have always wanted to eat at the Mystic Pizza!
Our photos said…
Beautiful photos. Ellie!
Stunning photo's. I am really enjoying your holiday posts, not getting bored at all.

Dianna said…
We visited Mystic a few years ago - and ate at Mystic Pizza!
Yours photos brought back many happy memories. It is a beautiful place.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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