Silly Me!!!!

Well I had a post all ready in my head to type up today.  
It would have been a good one too :))

It was going to be about how my sis-in-law gave me some rhubarb as she had been given a lot and couldn't use it all.

It was going to be about how I made a DELICIOUS rhubarb crumble complete with pictures - and that is where the problem lay.  
I made the crumble and then realised I hadn't taken any shots. 

Never mind, not a problem, I could always take pictures of the finished result - that would do!!!

The next thing I know is we are tucking into it and saying how tasty it was when I realised I hadn't taken any pictures of the finished result - ocht phoey - how annoying I am so ditzy sometimes!!!!

So I apologise - now I have to rethink my post for today.

After we had finished dinner and we were sitting feeling rather stuffed after our delicious crumble I noticed some lovely colourful flowers on our decking.  That gave me the answer to my what to  post dilema :)

Our azaleas are starting to come into full bloom and they are really beautiful. 

 I'm not sure if this is a wee part of a dandelion in this flower but it makes me think of a fairy dancing in the flowers - you could say I've got a vivid imagination :)))
They are such beautiful strong colours - don't you think? 

I also wanted to say thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments on my 2nd birthday post - you are all so lovely :))

I hope you all have a great week ahead!


Jeanne said…
Was just getting ready to look at your rhubarb crunmle.... next time. I am just about to make a rhubarb pie, but no photos planned. Love your little forest fairy! Have a great day Ellie!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, rhubarb crumble (we called it crisp). yum!!! i don't blame you for forgetting photos. :)

beautiful substitute blooms.
Anonymous said…
Now you have my mouth watering for rhubarb crumble, but I'll sit and enjoy the beauty of your beautiful Azaleas.

Love your whimsical sense of humor Ellie :)
Paul said…
Shame about no crumble photos but you sure redeemed yourself with the flowers. Beautiful and vibrant colours!
Debbie said…
oh ellie, i have done that also!! i usually remember when i am staring at the somewhat clean plate and have a very full belly ;))

your flowers are really beautiful, great colors!!
Debbie said…
we call it crisp also!!
Rose said…
I love azaleas...but I have no luck growing them. Yours are sure beautiful.
Dawn Yucuis said…
Rhubarb crumble sounds yummy. Sometimes it is hard to take the photos of food, when you want to eat it right away. The flowers are lovely.
Sandra said…
Gorgeous azaleas! Yes, such vivid colours.
Fruit crumble is lovely! My favourite is blackberry and apple! Your rhubarb version sounded lovely and certainly went down a treat!
Lea said…
Beautiful Azaleas!
Best photo of a garden fairy that I have ever seen!
Have a wonderful week!
Lea's Menagerie
I'm always forgetting to photograph things for my blog until it is too late!! The only reason I can remember to take pics of my allotment is that I do it when I pack up to come home, as I have to put the camera at the top of my bag so I don't break it!! Lovely flowers, and Happy 2nd blog birthday!! :)
Claudia Moser said…
I am sure the pie was delicious!
Sush said…
I agree with Claudia, I am sure the pie was delicious and beautiful as well! I've done the same thing, forgotten to take pictures of edible creations and worse of family get togethers cause I was having such fun. Looking forward to more pics of Riley...not telling you what to write next or anything but he is a doll baby!
Lisa Gordon said…
What, and you did not save any of that crumble for me?????? :-)

Sounds like it was really yummy, Ellie, and your azaleas are truly beautiful.

Happy day to you!
ZielonaMila said…
I think the pie was delicious! Flowers are beautiful:) Greetings

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