Saturday, 8 June 2013

Strawberries and Cream

We have been having such a great time, weather wise.  
We have had over a week of sun, heat and general loveliness.  It does make such a difference when the sun shines.  People in general are much happier and brighter and more likely to smile :))

Well with all of this lovely weather I have been craving more fruit - and today I really had a notion for strawberries!!!

So I thought I'd make strawberry tarts. It was a cheat really because I bought the pie bases from Marks and Spencer (no I didn't make them by hand - who's got the time for that!!).
 I filled them with cream and topped with strawberries.

I'll tell you something - they really hit the spot. 

Yum Yum!!!

I even remembered to take some piccies this time before enjoying them, lol. 
I love the plate I used for the photograph - my mum brought it back a few years ago from Portugal for me. It's hand painted you know - so pretty.  
The only trouble is I am such a clutz that I'm scared to use it in case I drop it.  
So far so good though - maybe I'm not as careless as I thought I was :))

Our wee town is a seaside town and today, because the weather was so good, it was really really busy. I think the sun comes out and everybody wants to visit the beach - who can blame them!!!

I just sat in our back garden and enjoyed the rays from there. 

I hope it is lovely wherever you are :))


TexWisGirl said...

glad you have good, uplifting weather. the dessert looks very yummy. i like the hearts in that sweet plate, too.

Giga said...

Truskawki nawet bez śmietany uwielbiam.U nas dzisiaj wreszcie słońce było cały dzien, po wielu dniach szarych i deszczowych. Pozdrawiam.
Strawberry cream even without love. With us today, finally, the sun was all day, after many days of gray and rain. Yours.

Karen said...

Yummy looking tart, on a very pretty plate!

Sheila said...

Oh those strawberries do look yummy in the little tarts , can I come for tea ? Love the plate , beautiful!!

Pam ;) said...

Hi Ellie, now you have me craving strawberry tarts. I adore your heart plate, you should use more often. Glad someone is enjoying sunshine ~:)

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

That is a gorgeous plate, and the dessert looks good too.

As to weather, so glad yours is good, our is HOT! It was 109 degrees today here in Paradise, California. :) Yikes - not too much heavenly about that! :)

Sandra said...

Strawberries and cream! Perfect for the month of June and a warm, sunny day! Good idea to take that photo of the cut-out hearts plate from above so the unusual design can be seen at its best! Have a lovely Sunday!
Our sunny week finished in a storm yesterday!

Claudia Moser said...

Lovely idea, I adore strawberries!

Kerri said...

Oh YUM! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE That plate! Absolutely gorgeous!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

That looks so good Ellie and I love that plate. It's been cool and rainy here for a few days, but is supposed to warm up soon.

Sush said...

Oh how lovely that plate is and the tarts so yummy! I would love to live back by water. I grew up in a city that is perched on a river bend and a lake. I miss it so much sometimes, but your new home town is only a few hours from the ocean so I do travel to those might waters as often as I can!
Glad your weather is nice and sunny...

Dawn Yucuis said...

The strawberry and cream pie looks amazing. I happy to hear that you are having nice weather.

Rose said...

Those look delicious...and I am just like you about pretty stuff...always afraid to use it because I can do sure pull some dumb stunts.