The Mystery of the Missing Post and a Cake

Have you ever had a post disappear - I have.  
I did a post on Wednesday but by Thursday it had gone!!!!  
And I have to tell you it was one of my more interesting and well written posts too - well, you will just have to take my word for that, lol.

We have searched for it throughout the computer to no avail. It is a tad frustrating to say the least!!!

I'll give a wee re-cap on what it was all about.  
First of all I had written about our wee Riley and how big he is getting  and how he is enjoying playing on his playmat. In fact I'll repost a couple pictures of him, I'm sorry for everybody who has already seen them!  The second picture shows  how having so much fun just tires him out :))  
So cute!!!

 I also wrote about Troon Taxi day which took place on Wednesday.  
It's a day when around 150 Glasgow taxi drivers take the day to drive children with special needs on a special day to Troon. 
The taxi drivers are dressed up in fancy dress and  Troon shops put bunting and balloons out to welcome them. It certainly makes our wee town a cheery place to be in. 
They eventually all arrived in Troon at around 1pm and headed to the beach where games and fun  was laid on for them. 
This special event has been running for some 67 years.  
 Usually it rains for them but on Wednesday the sun shone all day and I think a good day was had by all :))

Now after all that I'll do my post for today!
I decided to make a lemon drizzle cake - now I've not made a cake for quite a long time as that is now Karen's job.  But Karen herself requested this so what could I do but make it for her?

Let me tell you it was really tasty - ha ha looks like I haven't lost my touch :)))

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. :))


How frustrating!! your little grandson looks SOOOOO gorgeous!!!! and actually the cakes look pretty amazing too :))
Mary x
Debbie said…
never had it happen but i remember reading it and it was a good one!! anything with the wee one is good!!

the cake looks super moist and super yummy!!
TexWisGirl said…
i DID see that post! so i can vouch that you're not crazy! :)

yum, that cake looks wonderful!
That cake looks amazing and so does your lil' grand.
Buttons said…
Troon Taxi Day sounds wonderful. I never tire of seeing photos of beautiful smiling and sleeping babies it makes me smile. The cake looks delicious. B
Pat MacKenzie said…
I can't imagine what happened to your original post. How frustrating for you. Your recap was good too though. Lovely pictures of little Riley. Aren't sleeping babies the most precious things. Your lemon cake looks lovely.
Karen said…
I saw and commented on that post Ellie. Not to worry, I get another chance to see your sweet little grandbaby! The lemon cake looks luscious!
Claudia Moser said…
Your grandson is simply wonderful, such a cute baby, he is a joy for sure.
The cake looks yummy, recipe please?
Ailime said…
Olá amiga ,que bebé encantadore muito amoroso! E o seu bolo que bom aspecto! Parabéns. Abraços Ailime
Giga said…
Post, który Ci zniknął widziałam, a do tego dodałaś pyszne ciasto :)
Post who you disappeared I saw, and this dodałaś delicious cake :)
Jill said…
I was lucky enough to read that wonderful post before it disappeared! I'm so glad. I'm sorry others couldn't enjoy it too but you did a nice recap.

Your grandson is such a delight!
Sweet Tea said…
I have a beautiful new Granddoll born 3-6-13, so we have something very much in common, though we live far away from each other. You can find me in the US in Louisiana. Please stop by to say Hello at my Blog sometime!
Sandra said…
So glad you haven't lost your touch in cake baking! I saw those shots of your little grandson and even left a comment on what seems to be your 'lost post'. Strange things sometimes happen on computers - I'm getting used to that!
Have a great week!
I'm not sorry that you reposted pictures of Riley. What a bonnie wee boy!! The first picture looks as if he's talking to you! Aren't all babies beautiful when they are sleeping.? I would love to have a slice....or two of your delicious cake. Just yummy! Joa
Rose said…
Oh, my, Riley is growing!

That cake looks delicious....i love lemon flavor.
Jeanne said…
Oh my! Riley is so adorable and he is really growing. Your missing post is right on my blog feed, so it must not be totally gone. Will go and read it and send you a comment. Hope you are having an awesome summer .
Jeanne said…
Well I did go back and the photo and the summary are up, but when I went to the post... voila.... it said the page did not exist. Ah the wonders of electonics! By the way, that troon taxi day sound awesome and what a wonder ful thing to do! Bye for now!
Kayla said…
Love your picture of the lemon and the grater! You should know by now that I am baby crazy, so keep the pictures of your adorable little guy coming! I didn't know you could get cake papers for bread pans either....I am going to have to go research how much those are!!!

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