Our Day Trip

A couple of weekends ago Danny and I went on a day trip.  We drove for a couple of hours and arrived at a wee village called Kilcreggan.

It was a very lovely journey along the Gare Loch - the hills you see in the background of this picture are the Arrochar Alps one of which is Ben Lomond. 
It was such a lovely day and the scenery was just beautiful.

The village of Kilcreggan is around 38 miles from Glasgow and is the most peaceful of places to visit. I've never been there before and I would definately love to again sometime.
There is a ferry port there where you can get a ferry across to Gourock. 

 We stopped for some lunch at a cafe which was very pleasant and then we went for a wander along the lochside and took a few (lots) of pictures. :)

Then we went back to the car and started our jouney homeward.  It was a lovely way to spend a day :))

I should have told you the reason for the journey!  Danny is making a rocking chair for our Laura and he wanted to get some dowelling from a supplier in Kilcreggan.  
Well we decided it would make for a nice drive to go and pick it up.  The only problem was we couldn't find it!!!  And of course Danny didn't bring the phone number - silly Danny :))
We drove up and down  a few times before we finally gave up and we ordered the dowelling online when we got home - it came just 2 days later.  

But we were right though - it made for a great day out :)))


TexWisGirl said…
laughing at your trek for naught! but it looked like a beautiful area, nonetheless.
Lois Evensen said…
What a beautiful trip! So many pretty pictures as memories. :)
Jill said…
A beautiful place to spend a day! You must make it back there one day!
Karen said…
Oh, what a lovely place, and I love all the names!
Dawn Yucuis said…
Sounds like a lovely trip. Too bad you couldn't find the place you were looking for, but at least you had a nice day.
Never mind if you didn't find the place you were looking for...it must have been a lovely day out anyway!! Beautiful pictures....:)
Dianna said…
I just love seeing the scenery in your area - unless I get brave enough to fly across the ocean, I won't ever see it in person...!
Debbie said…
oh ellie, what a beautiful place!! did your most recent entry dissapear?? with pictures of the wee cute one, or am i loosing it??
Rose said…
That sounds about like us to go somewhere and not take phone number or address!

It does look like a day well spent, though.

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