Wooden Bowls

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Danny had cut up some of the driftwood he found at the beach and was taking it to his woodworking class!

Well I thought I'd show you some the the bowls he has made, all different shapes and sizes  (we have a LOT of wooden bowls in our house now, hee hee).

The one in the foreground and the one with the lid to the left are made with the driftwood. The one with the lid has cracked which is a shame 'cause it is a nice one.

 This is my favourtie bowl though - it is the biggest one and I just love the grain and shape of it. 

He is quite a clever lad my Danny, don't you think? I think he really needs to try his hand at a different wooden object now though!!!  If he doesn't I think there will be lots of bowls going out at Christmas presents this year, lol.

We had planned to have a nice day out on Saturday.  Karen and Emma were going to visit Laura for the weekend so that meant Danny and I had  the weekend all for ourselves and I wouldn't have to be a taxi driver.  
We were going to take a drive over to Loch Lomond (a really lovely spot) for a walk and to take some lovely pictures.  
But typically our weather let us down.  It was raining hard, really cold and miserable. 

So, instead we went to our local Ikea for a bit of window shopping and to buy some shelves for Karen's room. Not quite the same but it was better than staying in the house. 

I hope you all had a better weekend :)


TexWisGirl said…
i LOVE those bowls! awesome job!!!
Lois Evensen said…
The bowls are marvelous! My Honey turns wood, too, and I have a great appreciation for the results.
Karen said…
Way to go Danny! Those are beautiful!
Debbie said…
These are really beautiful!! A rags to riches kinda story!!
Rose said…
Oh, wow, these are beautiful!!! Imagine my surprise when I came to these....I had opened your blog and started scrolling back to see what I had missed...did not even notice that these were here in the first post.
Jill said…
Way to go, Danny! These are beautiful!
Buttons said…
Those bowls are awesome. B
SizzleandZoom said…
These bowls are beautiful and I think you should give out as Christmas presents. I would love to get one.
Anonymous said…
These bowls are BEAUTIFUL! I love, LOVE anything wooden. (I may have already said that before a few times) ha!

you did good, a real fine job!
Giga said…
Masz zdolego męża, miski są śliczne. Pogoda też u nas nieciekawa. Pozdrawiam.
You have a capable man, bowls are beautiful. The weather in our uninteresting. Yours.
Kayla said…
Those bowls are gorgeous! I think everyone would love getting 1 or 2 for Christmas!
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful job:) Greetings
Dawn Yucuis said…
The bowls are beautiful. I love anything made out of wood.
Paul said…
Your Danny is a clever guy! I failed woodwork! Love the bowls he has made!
Kerri said…
Oh I think the bowls are FABULOUS!!!
Wow! Yes, indeed, those grains, the shapes and the finish on the bowls are impressive.

My son-in-law is a wood-worker and he too appreciates a really well made piece.

Lucky you! to have such a handy son.

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