Ah It Takes Me Back!!!

 Yes this is what is hanging on my washing line - baby clothes.  
I hope the neighbours don't think it is me have the baby, lol.
Laura has got lots and lots of baby clothes and she asked me if I would wash and dry them for her -  she's not daft that one!!!!

Well this was the very last load and the first I've managed to get any washing out on the washing line for ages and ages.  

There is something very satisfying about getting your washing out on the line don't you think? 
 Or am I completely daft!!!

Anyway, seeing these clothes takes me right back to about 18 years ago when I was doing this kind of washing for my girls. 
Aren't they so cute!!!! :)

Laura came through to see us yesterday - she had been to pick up her pram and since it wasn't far from here she thought she'd come and show us.  

Prams have come a long way since my day let me tell you.  All mod cons included - she also got a car seat which can be attached to the base.  
In our day it all had to be used separately!!!  

She is very pleased with it and quite rightly so.  That is her all organised for the baby to come now. 

 Six weeks and counting :))

Oh well, Monday again tomorrow - where does the time go at the weekend?!?

Have a great week everyone :))


Sandra said…
Those baby clothes drying on your line, Ellie! Yes, it takes me back a few years too... though the babies weren't dressed in the same bright colours then! That little tiger outfit is hilarious! It must be a boy as there isn't anything pink in sight!
I know someone who's dying to play granny!!
TexWisGirl said…
i can just feel your glee over those little ones' outfits on the line. :)
Giga said…
To miło patrzeć na ubranka malutkich dzieci. Pranie suszone na dworze bedzie miało cudowny zapach. Córka pewno już bardzo pragnie swojego dzidziusia. Pozdrawiam.
It's nice to look at babies clothes. Laundry dried outdoors will have a wonderful smell. Daughter definitely wants to have a baby of his. Yours.
Anonymous said…
Oh! I love seeing the baby's clothing hanging on the line!!
Buttons said…
Oh I love this I am getting as excited as you Gramma:) B
busybusybeejay said…
How lovely of your daughter to involve you.I bet you can't wait to be a gran(?).I love it!!
Jill said…
This just warms my heart! I can feel your excitement. So many cute little clothes!
Yes it does take you back alright, but my baby clothes were all white, no colours at all till you knew what you were having. Oh doesn't that date me.
I love pegging the washing on the line, one of my favourite things. Am I strange?
Only 6 weeks to go, I know you're going to love being a granny.


Cheryl said…
Oh that will fly right by! I love washing that's dried outside, the fresh smell it has. How cute were all those small babygros... awwww... how exciting for you all :) xx
Jeanne said…
What fun! Your first grandma duty, and the baby is not even here yet! Clothes on the line are wonderful!
Debbie said…
What adorable little clothes!! You are going to be an awesome grandma, you must be so excited!!
Dawn Yucuis said…
Cute baby clothes. Looks like Laura will be ready for when the big comes.
Rose said…
Laura's pram sounds like the one that Sarah had for Lorelei.

I LOVE to hang my washing out...there is something so satisfying about it. I don't know if it is because we can look and see what we have done...but part of it is I LOVE the smell after they have hung on the line. There are not many of us left that hang it outside.

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