Crocuses Or Should That Be Croci

I can't believe it's a week since my last post.  
I'm not sure why I've got nothing to report - not much happening in my wee spot in the world at the moment.

Well, it's the Easter weekend and I am having a long weekend off work.  
So good!!!!
I've not done much just had some relaxing time - which is always good :))

Today Karen and I went for a run in the car to Rozelle Woods in Ayr.  It is a lovely spot.
There are definite signs that Spring is here !!!

Beautiful crocuses - it is such a pretty wee flower!

The daffodils are beginning to show their faces too. 

Our clocks changed to British summertime last night, so we should be getting lighter evenings.  I love it when it gets lighter in the evening.
Does losing that hour disrupt anybody else for the first day. 'Cause it does me - it seems as if it has been such a long day.

Karen and Emma are really busy with their  university studies just now.  Exams and end of year projects  are looming fast.  I can hardly believe that is their first year nearly done!!!

Laura only has two more weeks before baby is due - she is suffering from lots of aches and pains at the moment and is really ready for that wee chap to show his face. 
Oh I well remember the last couple of weeks of pregnancy!!!

Anyway I wanted to get my post done tonight and since it is nearly bedtime I had better get it finished.
I'll be by tomorrow to visit you all.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend.  


Giga said…
Piękne !. U nas ich nie widać, bo wszystko przykrył snieg. Pozdrawiam.
Beautiful!. You do not see them, because it's all covered snow. Yours.
TexWisGirl said…
our clocks changed earlier this month - took me about a week to straighten out again. good luck!

love those pretty blooms!
eileeninmd said…
The crocuses are beautiful. Happy Easter!
Lovely spring photo's, Ellie.
We're just heading into autumn so the days are beginning to cool down a little, quite a nip in the air today.

Paul said…
Great to get an update and so good Spring is on it's way. Love the colours of the flowers!
Roan said…
I saw daffodils and crocuses for the first time today. I'm so glad spring has sprung. Our time changed a couple of weeks ago and yes, it does take a while to get used to losing that hour of sleep. I'm hoping to find things to take pictures of again. It's been a long boring winter. Happy Easter!
Jill said…
Love those crocus! You captured them perfectly.

Bet you can't wait for the baby is here! :)
Dawn Yucuis said…
I love the spring time flowers. Your photos are so pretty, they make want to have spring come faster.I hope you had a lovely Easter.
Sandra said…
Such pretty crocus, Ellie! It's so nice to see these signs of spring when we go out walking in the late spring we seem to be getting.
We changed to summer time on Saturday to Sunday as well. Yes, my sleep patterns are a bit messed up for a few days too and I'm hungry at the wrong times too!
As for the plural of crocus, that often cause for discussion, isn't it.
Can you believe that my dictionary says that there are three acceptable forms: crocuses, croci and even crocus! So we can take our pick. I quite like the third one, it's simpler!
Have a lovely Easter Monday!
Karen said…
Gorgeous blooms!
Our crocuses are almost over as are our daffodils. The bluebells are all coming up now. Even the lizards were out yesterday so it must be warming up! Take care Diane
Rose said…
We changed times earlier than you...back in March. And yes, takes me more than a day to get used to it.

Love these beautiful spring flowers.

One of these days I will pop by and see a picture of the new arrival and I can't wait for the day.
Beauty Follower said…
Beautiful flowers indeed.

Have a lovely Easter time!
Debbie said…
what they lack in size, they make up for in beauty!!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Lovely spring blossoms. I thought we might see some last week but no luck. It's snowing again today and will continue for two more days so our flower days are still a bit off. Such a long winter this year. I'm heading to Arizona next week to get out of it!

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