Summer Fruits

I am missing the taste of fresh summer fruits.

So I did the next best thing - I bought some FROZEN summer fruits.  I've never bought frozen fruit before and was dubious about how good they might be.

Well let me tell you they were soooo delicious - once they were defrosted that is :))

 I put out two scoops of ice-cream - one scoop of strawberry (with real pieces of strawberry in it, yum yum) and a scoop of vanilla and poured some of the luscious fruit over the top along with the juice. 

One word!


Not only that - but I love the gorgeous bright colours don't you?

Now, I'm off to buy some more.

Have a great week everyone!! :))


Sandra said…
Can I come to tea?! like your first shot of the frozen raspberry sitting on top of the strawberries.
I find that frozen fruit has many lovely uses in the winter months, especially hot berry sauce with ice-cream!
Cheryl said…
Sounds really nice and refreshing, haven't used frozen fruit, maybe it's time I did :) xx
Kerri said…
YUM! and great macro shots too!
Karen said…
Love that top shot with the frost on the berries!
TexWisGirl said…
nice macros! yum!
TexWisGirl said…
nice macros! yum!
Giga said…
Sama bym taki przysmak zjadła. Na zdjęciu owoce smakowicie wygladają. Pozdrawiam.
Sam would eat such a delicacy. The picture Lookin tasty fruit. Yours.
Interesting I would have though that they would have gone soggy on unfreezing. N loves summer fruits but all the little pips gives me a guts ache :( Have a good week Diane
Jill said…
I've been doing the same. I was really nicely surprised at how good frozen pineapple is!
Anonymous said…
I have always bought frozen fruit in off season - I love me some smoothies. :)
Dawn Yucuis said…
I miss the summer fruit too. I am so looking forward to summer so we can have some fresh. But I agree with you if you can't have fresh summer fruit the next best thing is the frozen stuff.
ZielonaMila said…
I miss the wonderful fruits of summer and summer cakes. Greetings
Kayla said…
I am reading this at breakfast time and now all I want is ice cream with berries on top! Not conducive to losing some weight now, is it?!?
Rose said…
Now you have made me hungry! Do you have peaches over there? We always used to freeze them. We cut them up, added some sugar then squished them and mixed the sugar in good. We would freeze them in pint bags and oh, my, to get one out and let it just start to thaw out good...they would be kind of icy-soft. Oh, they were so good like that...but I declare, your fruit and ice cream sounds wonderful too.

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