The First Day of the New Year!!

Well today the rain actually stopped for a few hours.  I was checking on the internet the state of the weather and we decided to take a walk at about 2pm when it was due to stop raining . 

We donned our coats, scarfs and hats and went along the beach for our walk.
Boy was it windy.  Certainly blew the cobwebs away I'll tell you!!!

I took these three shots at the same spot.  The first one is looking straight ahead at the water, the 2nd was turning to my left and the last one (is a wee bit blurry, sorry) was turned to my right.  
Isn't it amazing how different they all are. 
 One thing is for sure it sure was blowy - I was actually quite glad to get home for a nice cuppa coffee :))

I made a nice steak pie for dinner, it was very tasty (apart from the pastry which didn't rise the way I wanted it too). We also had some Christmas pudding and brandy sauce - we didn't have it on Christmas day as Laura and Kevin had brought some chocolate gateau - now who could say no to that, certainly not me, lol. 

Now I am just sitting chilling and watching some telly and I'll maybe do some knitting later on.

Hope you have all had an enjoyable first day of the new year. :))


Karen said…
Oh...such a lovely place to walk. Steak pie sounds yummy!
SizzleandZoom said…
These are beautiful photos. I especially like the second one. Thank-you for posting these. Happy New Year to you and your family!
Kerri said…
Your images are lovely!!
I LOVE a nice cuppa when its chilly ... well really any time :)
TexWisGirl said…
gorgeous! i could almost feel the cold wind, though! :)
Roan said…
Beautiful place to walk. Happy New Year!
Roan said…
Blurb does a good job. It takes a little rearranging, but good end result. It's a good diary.
Jill said…
I can see the wind in these beautiful shots!

Happy New Year!
Magnificent pictures!

Happy New Year!
Buttons said…
Oh You have had the perfect start to 2013. B
Tracy Wood said…
What a dramatic day! Happy New Year to you and yours!
Bev said…
Happy New Year!! sounds like a nice day.
Sandra said…
Seeing pictures of the sea makes me want to breathe deeply into the lovely invigorating air! Nice pictures, Ellie. I especially like the second one with the sun shining on the wet sand.
How good for new year to brings a little dryness - you've even got a hint of a sunset in there. A little further south we had a comletely clear starry night. Normal service has been resumed now but it can do what it likes on the 2nd if we had some nice weather on the 1st of the year.
Debbie said…
I could walk there for hours! Your images are beautiful!
cakewhiz said…
beautiful photos! i sure wish i was at some place that relaxing and peaceful right now..hehe
Dianna said…
Hi, Ellie,
Happy New Year! I'm trying to get back to my blog-reading after a busy holiday season.
Your pictures are beautiful - love the 2nd one especially!
I love the shots of the beach. Happy New Year!!
geetlee said…
HI Ellie,
Happy New Year :)
I hope you have a wonderful year ahead.
Beautiful photographs... it does look windy though. Scotland reminds me of California from your photographs.
Giga said…
Najpiękniejszy widok jest na stronę, gdzie zachodzi słońce. Pozdrawiam.
The most beautiful view is the side where the sun sets. Yours.
Beautiful beach shots!

I have a question for you! I saw where you commented that you had gotten your blogger space down to 19%. How are you able to tell that? I'd like to see how close I am to full capacity but I have no idea how!

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