She Sees Seashells on the Seashore!!

How can it possibly be the 5th of January already!!

  I'm not sure where my time went this week (I certainly haven't been blogging!!!).  I think getting two days off work mid-week has thrown me somewhat.

The trouble is I don't seem to have had any spare time - I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Maybe I just need to organise myself a wee bit better.

We have had quite a quiet start to the New Year with not a lot happening - which is actually kind of nice after the hustle and bustle of Christmas. 

We did take a couple of walks along the beach - it is nice to get to some fresh air after doing all of that sitting about and eating that Christmas is all about.

We don't normally get such big seashells here but these were fairly large and I just had to take a picture.  
In fact Danny was looking for some driftwood on the beach to take home so that he can do some woodwork on it. 
 He did find 2 largish pieces which he brought home.  They are sitting in the garden - I was going to say drying off but it has just been so rainy here that they are a bit soggy now.  I'm not sure how they are ever going to dry off!!!
Anyway when they have dried off they will give him something to work on. 
 I wonder what he will make with them?

Have a good weekend everyone :))


Karen said…
Great shots Ellie! Our beaches are snow laden and the water frozen.
Good article, in December we were looking for shells on Sanibel and Naples beach.

Buttons said…
Oh Ellie these are wonderful shots. I would have brought that shell home, did you?
Should be interesting to see what is done with the driftwood. B
Giga said…
Ja bym te śliczne muszle zabrała do domu. Dobrze, że odpoczęłaś spacerując po plaży. Pozdrawiam.
I would have these beautiful shells took home. Well, that odpoczęłaś walking on the beach. Yours.
TexWisGirl said…
i like driftwood, too. :) tell him he's got pressure now to come up with something cool.
Bev said…
Beautiful sea shells...on the seashore!! Love it....sometimes... I'm still in awe when I think of you over there in Scotland...yet we are connected...Isn't the internet something eles!!
Kerri said…
Oh it's got to be so nice to have the beach so close! I love those shells!
Jill said…
I sure wish I could walk along that beach with you. Love the shells. Can't wait to see what Denny comes up with for the driftwood!
Jill said…
Danny! I meant Danny!
Sandra said…
So lovely to walk along the beach and find or collect shells. It's quite amazing that these shells were once the home of a little sea creature. I like the colours of the shell in the lower picture. It's amazing how dark the sand is in your area.
I collected sand from the beach in Cornwall last year. I keep it in a wide glass container with seashells!
oh i love to collect sea shells by the sea shore!!
(i have jars & baskets of them.)
Quay Po Cooks said…
It has been ages I walk on the beach. Your post makes me want to plan a holiday in an island where I can look for sea shells. Those sea shells you found are so lovely.
Roan said…
Would love to see whay your Hubby sees in the wood, please post the finished product. Very nice shots of the shells. We are landlocked, so don't get to walk on the beach unless we take a vacation.

I gave up on blogger's failure to allow me to post pics and went to WordPress.
Paul said…
Have been at the beach a lot lately here swimming in the warm sea in the midst of summer. Love this time of year! Shame you're getting so much rain. Thanks for showing your photos.
Rose said…
As I am reading from newer post to the older ones, I was wondering if Danny had plans for the I see he does. Can't wait to see what he does with them.

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