A Bit of Greenery and a Reflection for Friday

Well, here we are at Friday again :)) 
It is now 9.30pm, we have had our dinner, I've done my grocery shopping and now we are sitting watching the telly and I'm typing this post. 
We have nothing planned for the next couple of days so hopefully it will be a relaxing one so that we can re-charge our batteries for next week.

The weather here is due to get a lot colder over the next few days, which will make a nice change from all of the rain and greyness we have been having. 

Do you remember my toothache from last weekend?  Well first thing on monday I went to the dentist to see if they would have a look.  Well, apparantly is is quite a big hole with quite a lot of decay - eek!!!
   So the dentist cleaned it out the best she could and put a temporary filling in.  I've to go back on the 20th February to get it fixed properly by my own dentist.  The trouble is it is still niggling away - definitely not as sore as it was.  I'm wondering if I can last until 20th February. 
Oh and have I said I really hate going to the dentist!!!!!

Anyway I'm posting this picture for 

I've not taken part in any themes for quite a while. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


TexWisGirl said…
beautiful watery reflection. sorry for the toothache. definitely no one's favorite visit.
Audrey said…
joli coups d oeil,tres beaux reflets !
CameraCruise said…
Beautiful reflection!
Sorry to read about your toothache.
I hate going to the dentist too.
Debbie said…
i always try to avoid the dentist, but that's what happens when you do!!

pretty images....have a happy, peaceful weekend!!
Sheila said…
Lovely reflection , hope your toothache will stay away until February . Do you know anyone who does like the dentist , they must be the most unpopular people ;-)
Buttons said…
Beautiful pic Ellie. Hope your tooth settles down till you get back to the dreaded dentist. B
eileeninmd said…
Hi Ellie. I sure hope your tooth is feeling better, I know that is an awful feeling. I love your pretty photo, the reflection is beautiful. Have a lovely weekend!
Jill said…
Such a beautiful reflection, Ellie!
Bev said…
Beautiful picture. I love seeing green!! And I am with you I hate the dentist too!!

SizzleandZoom said…
Another beautiful shot! I don't know what I dislike more the doctor or the dentist.
Karen said…
I love your reflection shot!
I HATE the dentist, and suffer from severe dental phobia. I had a filling fall out in September, put off seeing the dentist for quite some time. The tooth has to be yanked now!
geetlee said…
Hi Ellie,
Sorry to hear about your tooth. I had a painful experience with my wisdom molar a few weeks back. I'm glad the pain is gone. Phew!
I hope you stay warm over the weekend and get all the relaxation you need.
Much love.
Lucinha said…

Amo fotos com imagens refletidas na água.
Desejo melhoras pra você. Abraços.
'Tsuki said…
What a beautiful perfect mirror...
Giga said…
Widok prawie wiosenny i bardzo ładne zdjęcie. Oby Cię ząb przestał boleć. Pozdrawiam.
View almost spring and a very nice picture. Let your tooth has stopped aching. Yours.
Jeanne said…
Have not been by to visit for awhile and just wanted to stop in and say hello, and hope your holidays were lovely. Hope that tooth gets better! Lovely photo you have here!
Cheryl said…
Oh dear, that is a long time to wait, if it bothers you more they may fit you in earlier, not a dentist fan myself! You should pamper yourself lots to take your mind off it :) xx
Nancy Claeys said…
My husband has a dental appt. this morning... not his favorite thing either.
NatureFootstep said…
that´s a nice reflection. :)
A lovely reflection! DO hope your tooth is behaving!
Mary x
Brian King said…
Beautiful! I like how you see the sky in the reflection, but not at the top of the photo!
love the reflection!

you & me both about the dentist. i'm so fearful, i just about hyperventilate on the way over there. it's like torture. good luck...i hope you can get it fixed and be done with it!! be strong!! (for both of us, ok? haha)

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