Baby Picture!!!

Hi all :)

I had a whole other post planned for today but I just HAD to put this one up instead.  
I hope you don't mind!!!

Laura and Kevin are through just now and they had their 4D baby scan done yesterday.  They got some great pics, a dvd of the whole scan experience and a pendrive with all of the pics on it. 

You all know what a show off I am (well if you didn't, you do now, lol) so I just had to show you this picture of our beautiful wee grandson. 

Isn't he just the cutest wee baby (ok maybe I'm a wee bit biased, lol). 
I know that Laura and Kevin are so excited to meet him now - as are all of us!!! 

Isn't it amazing how far technology has come over the years?  

When I was pregnant with Laura, a mere 24 years ago, they were just starting to do basic scanning. We did get a scan picture but over a few years it totally faded away and there was nothing left on the paper.

Anyway, wishing everybody a lovely weekend. 
We are all going out for dinner tonight - a late family celebration of our Emma's 18th birthday.

I LOVE going out for dinner!!


Annabella said…
Congratulations Ellie! Such an amazing photo - just beautiful :-)
Jeanne said…
This is pretty amazing! I have some really great sono pictures of my grandson,and they are amazing. When is it that Laura is due? Know that you are so ready to be a grandma, and I can tell you, it is lots of fun!
Cheryl said…
Wow, how truly special, thank you for sharing with us. It's nearly 25 years since my son was born and I didn't even get a picture! xx
Sandra said…
Those 3D pictures are amazing, Ellie! I wish they had existed when I was pregnant over 30 years ago! We didn't know what sex the baby was either - which I actually prefer because it makes the whole thing more exciting.
Laura and Kevin's baby looks beautiful.
Pam ;) said…
Ellie, I can feel your excitement over the upcoming birth of your new grandchild. How thrilling to have that to look forward to.

I too love to go out and not have cook. ~:)
broanenigk said…
Congratulations Ellie! This is wonderful news. I just love the new pics of the babies. I also like knowing whether it is a boy or girl before the day. Makes gift buying a lot easier!
TexWisGirl said…
congrats, ellie. i know you are anxious to hold this little man.
Giga said…
Szybko się chwalisz wnukiem, bo masz i kim. Będzie śliczny jak Ty go już zobaczyć poza "brzuszkiem " Mamy. Pozdrawiam.
Grandson praise quickly because you have and whom. It will be pretty as you see him again outside the "belly" We. Yours.
busybusybeejay said…
Congratulations.An amazing photo.
wow!! what an amazing picture!!! congratulations!!!
Debbie said…
oooohhhh ellie, what an amazing picture and time in your life!!

he looks just like laura ;)))))
Claudia Moser said…
Thank you for sharing, touching!
Kerri said…
That is so cool! Have fun celebrating!
Ellie, CONGRATULATIONS on your new grandson. wonderful news! :)
Rose said…
I cannot wait for your grandson to arrive...what a joy grandchildren are. I can tell you are one that will really, really enjoy it. And you are allowed to brag on grandchildren.
Sheila said…
What a great photo and yes technology has sure come a long way and it is wonderful!!I can feel your excitement!
Jill said…
AMAZING!!!! So exciting!
A lovely picture, back in my day we had x-rays and everyone else stood behind a protective screen and wore lead filled aprons! Now I'm showing my age haha.
And being a granma is great fun - enjoy.
Enjoy your dinner outing.

It is amazing what technology they have today. Before you know it that grandson will be here and you will be having so much fun.
Kayla said…
It is amazing! He is just precious. Can't wait to see the first pictures of him from the outside!
Wow I have never seen anything as clear as that, amazing. Take care Diane
Paul said…
What an amazingly clear scan of your bwg
Happy birthday to Emma. I also love to go out to dinner. What is your favourite cuisine? Lea and I had Thai on Sunday which was delicious.
Buttons said…
Oh it is amazing what you can see now. Congrats to all. B
Oh wow that is fantastic.

Look at his cutie little face
- beautiful, beautiful.

You must be wishing for April Ellie.

I bet you can't wait to meet your new grandson.

Congrats to you all

Betty Manousos said…
wow! that is fantastic!!

congratulations to you all!
Congratulations!! He is amazing!

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