An Apology and an Update

First off, I feel an apology is in order! 
I haven't put a post up in over a week. That is the longest I've been away from my blog since I started!!!!  
Not only that but I haven't visited any of you in all that time either. So - I'm sorry.  

So I thought I'd do an update on my week (and a bit!!!).

Last weekend (or maybe the one before), Danny and I went for a long walk.  It was a lovely day - and we aren't getting many of these nowadays. 
 It was a great walk and we really felt the benefit of it.

We walked through the woods and we saw this field full of geese - you wouldn't believe the noise they made. 
You could really hear them before you saw them :) 

I took some pictures but I'm afraid they aren't very good, I only had my wee point and shoot and it was at full zoom.

We also had a birthday last week. 

My wee girl Emma just turned 18!!! 
Can you believe that - how did she ever get to be that age so quickly? 
 She has had so many nights out she has hardly been home.  
We had planned on going out for dinner last Saturday to celebrate as Laura and Kevin were coming through, but Laura text me on the Thursday to say they had really heavy snow so didn't want to chance driving through. I'm really glad they were sensible and didn't take any chances.   
 S0 they are coming through this Friday and staying over through to Saturday so we are going out this weekend instead.  It will be nice to have all my girls together again. :))

Emma is also studying German at university at the moment - she wanted to do Spanish but the classes were full so she chose German instead. 
 I'd love to learn a 2nd language - maybe I should get her to teach me too!

Well, that's me more or less up to date - I'll be along to visit you all this evening.


TexWisGirl said…
beautiful green fields before the snow. :)

happy birthday to your youngest!
Claudia Moser said…
Happy birthday and no worries about your absence, it happens :) happy Monday!
eileeninmd said…
Love the field of geese! Happy Birthday to your Emma! I think we all know how life takes over sometimes. Happy to see you posting now, have a happy day.
Jill said…
Welcome back! Glad to know all is well.
Lois Evensen said…
So nice to see you here. The grass is very green, but I wouldn't want to walk across that field after all those geese have been there. ;)
What a marvellous sight, but what a noise it must have been. I like the photo's, they gives a good perspective.
Enjoy your upcoming family visit, hopefully the snow will have stopped by then.

Rose said…
You sound busy...I have to catch up with your blog...I have been absent from blogging for the most part since before Christmas!
Sheila said…
Happy Birthday to Emma ! Sounds like a great walk and I guess that is where all our geese went ;-)
Karen said…
Oh's so green for wintertime!
Happy Birthday to Emma.

Sounds like you have been busy. Take care.
Giga said…
Samych wspaniałych lat życzę Emmie. Dobrze, że to rozsądna dziewczyna i nie jechała, gdy drogi były ośnieżone. Pozdrawiam.
I wish you the same great years Emma. Well, that's sensible girl and not to go, when the roads were snow-covered. Yours.
Debbie said…
oooohhhh ellie, life happens!! good to be busy and happy!!
Well, fancy that! choosing life over posting. What CAN you be thinking? :) Welcome back.
Time goes soo quickly, doesn't it!! Hope you have a nice 'family' weekend! Oh, and yes, geese are extremely noisy!! We get a lot here and I find it hard to get good photos of them too!! Perhaps I should record them instead of taking pics!!! HaHa :)
Paul said…
I also haven't blogged for a while, Ellie. Our girls have grown up fast. Time does pass quickly. Thanks for sharing your photos as always. It is lovely catching up with family. Enjoy! Guten Tag, Ellie!

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