Portugal - part 2

Here I am back with part 2 of our holiday!

We did do some other things other than sitting in the sun - honest we did!  :))

Before we went on holiday we planned on driving through to Lisbon, we booked a hotel for a night and were going to take the metro to the old part of town to do some exploring.

It all seemed like such a good plan! 

Well we left Burgau nice and early and drove the 5 hours through windy, hilly roads and then long distances of flat plains finally reaching Lisbon around 2pm. We only got lost a couple of times driving around the town while trying to find the hotel, however we did finally find it and we got our room sorted which had quite an impressive view.

We then got ready to go out exploring.  Off we went  to find the metro station. We found the train station instead and went to try and get tickets - only to discover they were having a 24 hour strike.  

Aaaargh we had driven 5 hours to find they were on strike!!!  

The train wouldn't take us there and the only other alternative was the bus. But we had spent so long messing about that it was now 4pm'ish and the buses were standing room only. So, we gave it up as a bad job and went for a walk instead.

We walked a looooong way and eventually found a park. We had a bit of a rest on a park bench as my feet were killing me then we carried on and found this view, we were in the Eduardo VII park. Quite a splendid sight, we spent quite a long time just enjoying the view and the sun.

We even took a wee selfie, lol.

We then headed back to the hotel and had something to eat and another wander around the town. We had a fairly early night as we were heading back to Burgau the next morning.

We got up and decided to see if we could save something from our visit  so we headed out of town and passed over the Lisbon suspension bridge  which looks very like the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

 And then we went to see  the Cristo Rei (The Statue of Christ)  which was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. 

 Then we began the long journey back to Burgau - at least we got to see some of the sights of Lisbon! So not a totally disappointing visit.

Saturday we had the wedding - and it was lovely. 
The service was held in this lovely wee church.

There was a piper - and the poor chap must have been absolutely melting in the heat! Just look at how he was dressed!

After the ceremony we walked following the piper along to the restaurant where we had a lovely meal - this was the view!! 
 Stunning I think you'd agree :))

 After a fairly late night we got a taxi which took us back to Burgau.

Now after all of that I think I need to collect my thoughts and sort the rest of my pics out. So I'll do part 3 in the next couple of days.

To be cont...


Dawn Yucuis said…
I love looking at all your pictures. Looks like a great holiday even though it was disappointing in Lisbon. I will be looking forward to part 3.
Lovey pics, especially the last one!! :)
Pat MacKenzie said…
You're having a lovely holiday in spite of strikes and hot weather. That poor piper!
Jeanne said…
Was so excited to see that you stopped by my blog and thought that you might have done a post so here I am coming by to visit! How awesome to get a chance to go to Portugal. Your shots are great, and yes that piper must have been roasting. Am reading backwards here, so will look further and see what wedding you were at. Great to see you!

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