Holiday to Portugal

We have returned from our travels and have returned feeling happy, slightly bronzed and healthy - always a bonus :))

The reason we decided on this holiday to Portugal ... we were invited to a wedding of Danny's cousin. They were getting married at Praia da Luz in the Algarve. 
 We stayed in a little fishing village called Burgau which was about 5 miles away from the wedding venue. It was decided we would stay for 10 days so we could do a wee bit of sightseeing as well as attending the wedding.

As you can imagine I took lots and lots of piccies and It has been so difficult picking the ones I wanted to put on my blog. 
The things that most struck me on this holiday were the sun (it shone for the full 10 days, bliss!), the lovely bright colours, the rugged landscape and the sea.

I thought I'd break it up into two posts - this the first one showing Burgau and all its splendours and then the following post would be the wedding and everything else we did.

So, we flew out of Glasgow airport on the Tuesday lunch time.  Now I'm not a huge fan of flying and always get very nervous, however the flight was very good and only took just under 3 hours. 
We picked up our hire car and started the drive to Burgau.  Using Co-pilot on the iphone we only got lost about 3 times - not bad but very nerve wracking.  I'm so glad that Danny was driving! :)) 
 We eventually found our way to the flat we were going to be staying in and got there about tea-time.  We dumped out cases and went to explore!  First stop the beach

Those are my footsteps in the sand :))

We then decided it was time to find something to eat as we hadn't eaten for quite a while.  There was plenty of choice but I wanted something simple.  There was a lovely pizza restaurant, Danny doesn't like pizza but we thought he would be able to get something else - we thought wrong - pizza was the only thing they served. But credit to Danny he tried one and decided he really liked it after all!!  
In fact we enjoyed 3 pizzas the whole holiday!
 They were really really tasty - so if you are ever in Burgau I can totally recommend this place :))

After dinner we headed back to the flat for the evening.

The next morning it was lovely and sunny,  there was a gentle breeze blowing  in through the door and I loved the way it moved the curtain - so dreamy!!!

We went for another wander around town. 
The cliffs surrounding the beach at Burgau - quite spectacular!

The many beautiful and colourful plants and flowers against the white of the buildings!

 There were very steep hills all around us - so we got plenty of exercise in, but it was well worth it. 
Can you spot Danny taking some pictures :)

We walked along some of the cliffs, it was so high up and I didn't want to stand too close to the edge!
I loved the angle of this tree.

 Just look at that beautiful blue sky and lovely bright buildings!

That seems like a good picture to end this post!

As I've got two daughters living away from home, Laura in Dundee and Emma in Germany, this gives them a chance to see some of my pictures.  I'm sure we must have bored Karen terribly showing her them all at home, but she patiently sat and looked at them all  :))

To be cont....


Laura f said…
Lovely colours in these pictures! Looks like you had a lovely holiday! :) x
Debbie said…
Hi Ellie, looks like a fun trip...all of your images are really beautiful!!

You are developing quite the eye for photography!!
Rose said…
Hi, Ellie...good to see a post from you! And thanks for the comment this morn on my blog.

First, your little grandson is adorable in the post below. I love the photos from your trip. Can't wait to see more...

I just hope everyone clicks on them for the expanded view...
Dawn Yucuis said…
It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Portugal looks like a beautiful country. I loved seeing all you lovely pictures.
Emma Farrie said…
Hi ellie! :) What a lovely blog post! Really cheered my day up because i currently miss my mum a lot and it was nice to see what she's been up to :) Your pictures really are just amazing! I especially loved the one with the angled tree! :) can't wait to read the second part!
Jeanne said…
Love these shots Ellie! Such beauty of these cliffs and the beach. I have not ever been to Portugal, so excited to see this view of all that you saw there. Great opportunity to to to a new place for the wedding!

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