The Final Instalment

Here it is, the last and final post on our holiday.  Ah!!! -  is that a collective sigh of relief I can hear :))

I know it has taken me a long while to get these all up but this is it, after this one there will be no more!!!!

When we left Niagara we weren't sure which way to head back to Newark airport. 
Now I am a bit of a worrier and I was very concerned we wouldn't make it back to in time for the flight, but Danny assured me we would and said words to the effect of  'don't be so silly'. 
We hummed and hawed and finally decided to go back via Pennyslvania.  I am so glad we did because it was such a beautiful part of our journey. 

We drove through to Lancaster, our idea was to go the The Lapp Valley Farm to sample some of their ice-cream.  
We had read that this was the BEST ice cream - and who could say no to that?  
The trouble was by the time we got there we realised it was Sunday and it was closed!!!! 
We hadn't even realised what day it was, oh well I suppose we will have to go back there some other time and try again.  
How does that sound Danny?!  :))

Anyway, despite not getting any ice-cream, it was worth the drive as the colours were out in full force and absolutely beautiful. 
Everything was so bright, even the grass looked greener!

We left there and headed off towards the Valley Forge Centre. We were very limited in time here and it was just a quick look I'm afraid.

Just look at that stunning red tree.

And a close up of those glorious leaves.

Lovely countryside.

We travelled on from there only to hit queues of traffic, it was so busy!
 I was seriously starting to get worried about our flight - I think even Danny was beginning to get a bit concerned. 
 We did make it though with time to spare.  It was a relief to get to the airport but also very sad as we had really enjoyed our holiday and didn't really want to go home. 

We had seen some amazing sights and experienced so much. 

I have to leave one last picture.

 Dunkin Donuts was a big part of our time in America. We managed to get free wifi and they do sell exceedingly good donuts and coffee :))

Danny made a map of our journey. 
We worked out that we travelled 1995 miles in our car, not including the flights and train journey from NY to Boston.  
Phew that was a lot of mileage!!

So that was it - our holiday 2013. I hope you enjoyed reading about it!!

Now if Danny plays his cards right, I might just take him back again, lol.  

Here's hoping!!!

The End!


Eileen T said…
I've really enjoyed hearing about your holiday and all that you did. Your photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us.
What a great holiday, Ellie. I'm sure if you work on it Danny will take you back for a second look :)
You certainly travelled quite a distance, I've enjoyed your journey. Thank you.

Jeanne said…
Have loved your posts Ellie, and so glad that you went back on the route that you did as the trees looked stunning in Pa. I love lancaster county in pa, as it is the primary area for the amish people, and it is so gorgeous. So don't for get to keep posting now , I don't want you to quit just because vacation is over with. What else are you up to?????
Sandra said…
Looking back at holiday pictures is like reliving the moments you have enjoyed!
It's always so interesting to visit other countries and other cultures. You seemed to have enjoyed it to over-brimming!
Rose said…
Wow, what a lot of miles you traveled! I am so glad you enjoyed your trip...and I wish it had been longer. At least you have photographs for the memories, and todays are some of the finest!
Giga said…
Myślę, że to była piękna podróż i że jesteś z niej bardzo zadowolona. Szkoda, że nie spróbowałaś lodów. Pozdrawiam.
I think it was a beautiful trip and that you are very happy with it. I wish I had you tried ice cream. Yours.
Debbie said…
i love this area ellie, it's where we took our hot air balloon ride!! i sure do hope danny plays his cards right ;)

your took some really beautiful images!!
Jeanne said…
Hey Ellie, so glad to see you from Grow Your Blog.... dont forget to put up your grow your blog blog post... the fun has started! Have a wonderful day.

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