January 2014

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. 

We were supposed to drive over to Laura's in Dundee on Christmas Eve but the weather has been atrocious here.  Very windy, with strong gusts and heavy rain, YUK!!!.

As a result we decided it would be much safer to drive over on Christmas Day instead.   It was so much calmer on the day with no wind or rain and we had the added bonus was that the roads were very quiet.  We left home quite early at around 9am and arrived at Laura's at about 11am.  

Wee Riley hasn't been very well for a wee while and was suffering from a throat and ear infection.  
Poor wee soul!! 
But he has been put on a course of anti biotics and is really getting much better now. 
 Laura (with a little bit of help from myself) organised the dinner.  Kevin's parents and brother were coming too.  
It was a lovely day and I was really glad to be part of Riley's very first Christmas. You kind of forget what its like when your children are grown up!

Laura sent me these pics of Riley - isn't he just the cutest wee guy (I know I'm a bit biased!)

 We drove home on Christmas night as Emma had to go to work on Boxing Day.  We eventually arrived home at around 8pm and flopped into chairs feeling a wee bit exhausted but in a really nice way :))

We had a very quiet Hogmanay but we did sit up for the bells at midnight.  I was hosting dinner for Laura's little family this time on New Year's Day  and we were going to be having steak pie (kind of a tradition in our household) 

I love steak pie!!!  :))

While I was working away in the kitchen Laura came through to chat to me and when I looked up she had a great big grin on her face. 
 I was thinking "Awe she must be really happy to be home" when she said to me "I have something to tell you".  Then she flashed her finger at me which had a lovely diamond ring on it.  

Yup that's right!!

They got engaged on Hogmanay - how cool is that :)))
No date has been set for the wedding yet but it is really exciting.
I'm going to have to buy a hat, lol. 
 The happy family!!!

So that's it, 2014 has begun.  

I quite enjoyed 2013 - we got a lovely wee grandson and a super holiday for our silver wedding anniversary (I will be doing 2 final posts on that shortly).  

I wonder what the New Year will bring for us all. 

Hope you all had a super time :))


TexWisGirl said…
glad riley is feeling better again. he sure is a cutie. congrats on the upcoming wedding!
Buttons said…
Oh Ellie he is certainly a handsome boy and you have a lot to be happy for what a wonderful year you have had. Congrats to the happy couple what a lovely family. Hug B
Sandra said…
Such cute pictures of Riley and a lovely one with his parents!
So it looks like you have another wedding to plan for! How exciting!
I can't remember if I wished you a Happy New Year on your last blog posting!
I hope you will have a marvellous 2014!
Giga said…
Miałaś piękne Święta, Nowy Rok, a w tym roku będzie ślub córki. Sporo przeżyć. Pozdrawiam.
You had a beautiful Christmas, New Year, and this year will be the wedding of the daughter. A lot of experience. Yours.
Lisa Gordon said…
Awwww, Riley is just precious, Ellie.
It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.
A very big congratulations to Laura!
Such a very special time.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend!
Eileen T said…
Congratulations to Laura and Kevin. Riley looks like a bundle of fun, such a cutie. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Pat MacKenzie said…
What a lovely Christmas season you've had. I have no idea what Hogmanay is - unless its something like our Boxing Day? More celebrations to enjoy in 2014. Riley sure is growing fast isn't he.
Debbie said…
oh ellie, he looks all grown up, when did that happen?!?!

happy 2014, you have lot's to look forward to!!
Lovely photos and glad 2013 was good to you. Hope 2014 will be even better.Looking forward to seeing a photo of you in your new hat :-) Have a good weekend. Diane
Rose said…
I cannot believe how big Riley is! He sure is a cutie...sounds like lots of wonderful things going on in your world.
Jeanne said…
I love these shots of little Riley. He is so grown up since the last time I saw his photos. Just a wonderful little grin there. So Hogmanay.... that is New Year's Eve. Congratulations to Laura! When is the big day??

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