Niagara - The Power of the Water

Well I've had a long enough rest from posting my holiday shots. 
 I've only got another 1 post to go and then it will all be done - you will be pleased to hear :))

Anyway ...  after another 7 hours on the road we arrived at Niagara.  It was a very grey day and a bit drizzly, it was also out of season so quite quiet too.

We found our hotel - The Giacomo - which was lovely!!!  We did very well with all of our hotels - no disappointment anywhere.

We dumped our bags and headed out towards the falls. We were quite excited to see them!!

Our hotel in the distance!

It was very cloudy and grey but the sun shone for just a few minutes and I managed to capture it - much to Danny's disgust as he was fiddling with his camera and missed it  ha!!!

Not a bad shot - even if I do say so myself lol.

The bridge nearest in the picture is the viewing deck which hangs right over the water,  it was closed which I was quite pleased about as I don't think I could have gone on it (I have a fear of heights). 
The other bridge is called Rainbow Bridge which takes you over to Canada.

A selfie :)

Yes, we decided to cross the Rainbow Bridge and visit to the Canada side.

The view of the falls from the Rainbow Bridge.

View of the bridge from the Canada side.

It soon turned dark and Danny got some wonderful shots  - all of the following night shots are his.
The lights are turned on at about 7pm  - it sure was an awesome sight!

I think this is my favourite night time shot (we were back on the USA side by this time).

Mind you this one is quite good too :))
Dan did a fine job of taking them.  

We had been walking for hours and hours and were feeling really tired so decided to head back to the hotel for the night.

The next morning we got up bright and early as we wanted to go and see the falls again before we had to check out of the hotel and head onwards in our journey.

The weather was even drearier than it was the day before. But it didn't really matter as we were going to get really wet anyway!!

I tried to get a shot of the water falling over the edge.

I hope it gives some impression of the power of the water as it falls!

Spot my new red jacket  which I bought in Freeport!!  It came in real handy let me tell you. 
And as I said we got very wet from the spray from the water. 

We walked to Goat Island which takes you right up to the edge of the Horseshoe Falls - wow the noise and spray were something else!

We were well drookit (a good Scots word for soaking)!!

At least I had a hood, poor Danny didn't :)

I couldn't resist this last shot.  The picnic tables were all stored and stacked for the winter.  

This shot just said to me - Shoot Me  so I did, lol :))

And that was Niagara - I'm so glad we decided to visit as it certainly was an experience not to be missed.  I hope you enjoyed it a wee bit too :))


Debbie said…
beautiful, fun images!! i LOVED niagara falls!!
Lisa Gordon said…
Gosh, this brings back some wonderful memories, Ellie.
I haven't been to Niagara Falls in years. Really no excuse, since I am in New York State. Might just have to be there this summer.

Your photographs are wonderful, especially the ones with the lights!
Rose said…
There are some awesome shots here...glad you got to enjoy your visit.
Karen said…
I'm so glad you saw "The Falls". You were about an hour and a half from where I live, on the Canadian side!
Eileen T said…
I love hearing about your holiday. You've captured some amazing shots. Thanks for sharing with us.
Jeanne said…
THOSE are great shots Ellie, and so glad that you got to see this falls. Can you imagine that there have been people who went over this falls and survived. Not to many I don't think, but it has happened. I have been to this place twice, and loved the boat ride that we took toward the base of the falls. It is quite a sight. I can only imagine that you did get quite wet. loved all of the shots, but did especially enjoy Danny's night shots. Glad you had so much fun on your trip, and will look forward to your last spot. Now I am thinking that, even though you were well drookit, you should soon be planning your next big trip!
Wow I love your pictures of your travels. So well taken.

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