The Rocking Chair

Oh my!!  
That's over a fortnight since my last post.
 Take 100 lines Ellie - I must post more often.
Not only have I not been posting but I haven't been visiting or commenting either. 
It's not good is it?
I am sorry!!!
But here I am better late than never, I think that's what they say anyway.

We had quite a busy weekend.  On Saturday I wanted to get my housework out of the way as we were going to visit our Laura on Sunday and it was also Karen's birthday and we wanted to go out for dinner to celebrate with her.
The reason for the visit to Laura - not that we needed a visit, lol - was that Danny had built her a rocking chair. 
Now he hasn't done anything as grand as this before, he has made the odd bowl as you know and he has build a wooden coffee table which sits in out living room.

He made the rocking chair out of a bunk bed - yup you read right a bunk bed.  Two of our girls used to share a room and they had bunk beds - originally it was Laura's bed.

This is the bed broken down into parts.

Making progress.
 He even carved a ladybird and a mouse onto each rocker.

We are going to be making cushions to go on the chair - they still have to be completed. 

Laura sitting on her chair in her balcony.  And Laura and Riley relaxing.

 In it's place in Riley's room. 

It is so impressive - I think you might agree!!! 
He is a clever lad my Danny :)) 

Well done Dan - a job very well done!!

Now I'm off to visit your blogs. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with another post!


TexWisGirl said…
that is REALLY nice!!! personalized with the creature carvings, but also because of the link back to the girls' childhood! SO sweet!
Giga said…
Danny się świetnie spisał. Córka sie pewno bardzo ucieszyła. Pozdrawiam.
Danny wrote a great time. Daughter of August certainly very happy. Yours.
Buttons said…
Your Dan is certainly a talented man and I must say an awesome Dad and Grandpa to make something from his own daughters childhood for his Grandson to grow up sharing with his Mom to use is an amazing testament to love. Oh I love it it is so beautiful. He has certainly learned a lot in wooden bowl class:)
If I had a Grandchild I am sure I would be too busy to blog too. No worries. Hug B
Jill said…
Danny is amazingly talented! Just to be able to create such a beautiful rocking chair but that he used the old bunk beds is genius!

I've been wondering where you have been, Ellie. Nice to see you back!
Rose said…
What a treasure that will be...he did a great job on it!
What a beautiful rocking chair. What a talented man your Danny is.

Karen said…
What a beautiful chair, made with love!
Sandra said…
What a simply beautiful rocking share for Laura and made to sit in Riley's room. How nice that the wood from the girls' bunk-beds was used to! The chair will look lovely with homemade cushions!
Amazing how he transformed the beds into these gorgeous rockers. These are now heirlooms to be passed down. Love the carvings he did. Wow!
Kerri said…
What a treasure - a homemade rocker! I LOVE it!!!
That's a pretty impressive piece of construction and all the more satifying when you consider the recycling.
A bit of a blog holiday both writting and visiting is probably quite good for you.
Debbie said…
WoW ellie, what a GREAT idea and the finished product is just gorgeous!!

a family heirloom for sure!!
Sheila said…
What a beautiful rocker , wow , your Danny is indeed very clever !!
Sush said…
What a treasure...and new family heirloom! Your Danny is quite the talent!
Quyen said…
This is gorgeous!

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