Now You See It, Now You Don't!!!

 Ok I'm here with another post - phew I bet you're impressed, lol.

While we were driving through to Dundee the other weekend Laura had text us to say they were going to be demolishing a block of flats in the town and that she had the perfect view of it from her balcony.

I've never seen a building being demolished before - I have seen it on the telly but never in real life. 

When we got to Laura's flat I was surprised to see just how many people were standing with their cameras out ready to catch the moment.  The trouble was that they had said it was originally to be done at 12 noon but come 12.30 nothing had happened.  The problem was it was very windy and they were worried about the consequences of that.
We were standing on her balcony waiting when we heard the siren going off at around 1pm.  It sounds five minutes before the building actually comes down.  The next thing we know there is a big bang and the building was gone.  It was so fast - in fact if you blinked you would have missed it. 

I did manage to get a couple of shots though.

The building to come down is the one with the red line down the middle.  It used to be a block of flats.

 Now you see it!!!

And now you don't!!!

All that was left was a cloud of dust and smoke.

 It was as if it was never there. 

It was even one of the headline stories on the Scottish news on the telly that evening. 

Laura had captured it all on her Ipad (I would really like to have an ipad, just saying!!), and all you can hear is my dulcet tones saying "Oh Wow, look at that" and words to that effect.  As a side note does anybody else hate hearing their voice on a recording of something.  I'm sure my speaking voice sounds better than that - oh well, maybe not, lol.

We are having such a lovely spell of weather at the moment.  It is so nice to see the sun and blue sky and it is supposed to be nice right through the weekend too - yay!!!

Oh I also wanted to say - did anybody see Wimbledon on Sunday.  Wow that was some game, even Danny was getting right into it :)) And a Scottish lad won it too. Well done Andy Murray!!!

Oh well that's me for tonight - hopefully I'll be back in a couple of days with another post. Laura and Kevin are coming through with Riley tomorrow - they are going to a wedding and we are looking after the wee one!  I'm really looking forward to that :))


TexWisGirl said…
aww. i know you love your riley time. the building implosion is cool! quite the science/engineering in that profession!
Sheila said…
I am alsways amazed at implosions , how fast something can just disappear.
Jill said…
These are terrific shots of the implosion! It's amazing how they do that.

Enjoy your baby time! :)
Karen said…
Cool shot. I've seen one building come down that way. Have fun babysitting!!!!
Dawn Yucuis said…
Love the shots. It amazing how fast those building come down.
Buttons said…
Riley time.... Yeah B
Sandra said…
Fantastic news that the Scottish lad from Dunblane won Wimbledon this year! Well done Andy Murray! I watched the whole thing on the TV and it was thrilling! I also saw a very nice documentary on Andy and his family this week.

Have fun babysitting little Riley!
Debbie said…
I have an iPad, on it right now and I love it!!
Kayla said…
Can't wait to see more pictures of wee Riley!
Rose said…
I find it amazing that they can take down a building like that right in the middle of everything else. I have only seen it done of TV...

As to the hearing my own voice...I absolutely hate hearing it...I have the type of voice that I hate.
I'm so glad that you got to see it. It was on the news down here too!! Even Lorraine talked about it on GMTV and said what a difference it made to the skyline. I lived in Dundee for a couple of years when I was a toddler but have no real memories of the place! I hope that you have a lovely time with Riley. Grandma's special time!! Joan
wow cool. great shots.
i've been gone from this blogging thing for a i'm a little behind. RILEY!! congrats!! =) enjoy that baby time!
Pat MacKenzie said…
I've joined you in an unintentional blogging break too. I'll post tomorrow for sure. I have to show your post to my youngest daughter who lived a year in Dundee. It always impresses me how they can bring a building down without scattering rubble near and far. Quite amazing. Enjoy your time with Riley. I hope this means we'll be seeing more pictures of him.

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