Fun With Gran and Grandad

We had Laura and Riley staying for the week last week.   I know I do keep going on on how great wee Riley is (and he really is!!!, lol) but to have my big girl home for a while was really wonderful. And she is coming back this weekend too. She has a dental visit on monday, normally I wouldn't wish a dentist visit on anyone but I'm kind of happy she is going if it means she comes home for a wee while - oh that makes me sound like a really bad mum!!

Anyway Laura put a file of pictures on my computer and named it Laura's pics of Rileyboo :))  There are lots of cracking shots in there and I'm sure a few of them will make their way onto my blog! 
She has got a few of Danny, me and Riley that I just wanted to put up today.. 

He is such a happy wee lad  - I'm talking about Riley of course, but Danny looks quite happy too despite getting a left hook to the jaw :))

 Riley is looking quite pleased with himself!

Gran having a long discussion with the wee one!

I do wonder what he is thinking about with that look on his face.

 Me and my favourite boy

We are having a heatwave here just now and I think it is to continue for a few days yet,  it is such an unusual occurance here in wet Scotland so I am going to continue to enjoy it!! 

Since it is the height of the summer holiday season I have been doing quite a few extra hours at work. I'm doing my normal hours today so I thought I'd get a post up while I have the time (another reason I'm doing it today is that Danny is constantly saying "No post yet tutt, tutt."  So this should keep him happy - for a short time anyway :)

I hope you are all fine and healthy and having a good day :)) 

I'll be back!!!


joy said…
Oh, he is sooooooo gorgeous.
Joy xx
My, how he has grown already. Great photo's of the proud grandparents too.

Sandra said…
My goodness! Just look at those gorgeous baby smiles - and the proud grandparents look pretty happy too!
The expressions on Riley's face are precious. What a sweetie!
Buttons said…
Oh Riley is making for huge smiles all over the globe with that big smile and rosy cheeks:)Thank you for that. B
Jill said…
He is such a little doll and growing so fast! I just love all of these photos. You ALL look so happy!
TexWisGirl said…
LOVED the first couple of pics with danny and riley! so cute! and you just soak it all up when he's around!
Rose said…
Oh, Ellie, he is adorable...and as for wondering what he is thinking...he is thinking 'I have her wrapped right around my little finger and she will do anything I want.'

I love them all...I really love the second one of him and Danny...and I just totally love the others with him looking at you that way! So glad you got to spend some time with him!
Mary Callan said…
Ohhhhh - toooooo cute!!!
Mary x
If he is always happy like that I would not even mind baby sitting ;-) have a great weekend Diane
Pat MacKenzie said…
All the years and anxiety of raising our children are all worth it when we get sweet little babies like Rilely as a reward. What a lovely and happy addition to your family.
Dawn Yucuis said…
Riley is getting to be a big boy. He is such a cutie. Those grand-babies are so much fun. Love the pictures!!
Giga said…
Wnuk wygląda na bardzo radosnego i ciesz się nim. Pozdrawiam.
Grandson looks very joyful and enjoy it. Yours.
Kayla said…
Oh my word, I love Riley! Those smiles and looks with you and Danny! I am in love!
Such lovely photo's of you all!! Such a joy to see :) Glad the sun is shining up there and you don't have the sea mist I'm getting at the moment!! :( x
Debbie said…
omg, he is too cute for words and they probably think we are nuts!!

enjoy every single second, great pictures!!
lovely pics of all of you but i like the 2 of you and Riley chatting away. he looks as if he's taking in all you're saying. it warms your heart. doesn't it? joan

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