A Break In The Weather

I am now on my annual summer leave from work. Hurray I shout, but wait!!!

The weather is the absolute pits. I can't believe we are into June - yes June I say!  It is so cold, really windy and very rainy. Yuk!!  In fact we have just put the lounge fire on this evening as it is sooo cold tonight.  
However there is another reason for the cold in the house.  Thursday morning we woke to strong smell of wet wallpaper. Mmmm where can that be coming from.  We soon discovered - the water tank in the attic had sprung a leak which resulted in the ceiling of one of the bedrooms getting more than slightly damp.  
So poor Danny has spent the last 4 days trying to fix it, putting in a new tank etc. As a result we have no heating and no hot water - only the shower has any warmth to it. We are hoping by tomorrow however it will all be sorted. 
What a start to a holiday!!!!

Anyway the good news - Karen came home from her holiday in Athens on Thursday and she loved it. 
She saw lots, and is a girl who takes after her old mum and took lots and lots of pics  - ha ha I taught that girl well :))

It is so nice to have her home again. 

Anyway yesterday afternoon there was a break in the rain for a couple of hours and Karen and I took advantage and went to the local park and had a lovely afternoon.

It was so pretty and peaceful there.

 We also discovered this -

A totally unassuming  tree stump - or so you would think!

Lets have a closer look 

Look at what was inside

The Gruffalo!!!

Somebody had carved inside the tree stump!
 How cool is that - so clever too! ))

Can you see the top of Karen's head lol.

Anyway it was a fun couple of hours and so nice to get out.

Have a good week everyone!


Jeanne said…
Ellie your photos are just gorgeous and couldn't really tell that it was raining and awful. Our weather in Texas has been awful too with flooding all over the state. hOpe the rest of your vacation time is lovely. Your landscape shots are gorgeous!
Rose said…
If you had not mentioned it, I would not have noticed Karen's head. I bet you were glad to see her home. I hate to even think of the mess with the water tank. I hope it is fixed soon till you and Danny can enjoy your time off.
Sandra said…
Hold on, Ellie. I'm sending you a bit portion of our heatwave from over here. I could do with the weather being cooler and there's plenty of our heat to share! Somebody was very gifted to carve a figure inside that big tree stump! You can just see the horns coming out at the top!
Happy, sunny Sunday!
It sounds like the weather is awful everywhere, we had floods this week!
Hey did you see the duck in the tree in your 2nd photo? I thought that was pretty cool...along with the Gruffalo :)

Debbie said…
your images are so beautiful ellie, really, really!! our weather has been a lot of the same recently but we had a very dry april and may!! i don't enjoy the dead heat of summer!!

how is the little boy?? i'll bet he's getting big!!!!
Laura said…
Loving the reflective shots in the water, beautiful!

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