Red and White

Ok it's been two weeks since I last blogged. 
When I think back to a couple of years when I used to blog daily - how did I ever do it!! 
I don't seem to have much to write about nowadays, looking back I didn't then either but I still did  it!
I must have turned into a very boring person - surely not :))

I know lots of people going away on holiday just now - and I'm very envious of them all!   

First of all our Karen is away to Athens. 
Wow, what a place to visit, so much to see and do!   I can't wait till she gets back to hear all about it and see her piccies. 

 My friend is away to Italy at the end of the week. I'd love to go to Italy, maybe next year eh Danny!!!!

My sister is also going away for a week relaxing in the sun - sounds like bliss!!! 

 I shouldn't really complain as I haven't done too badly holiday wise over the last couple of years having visited America, Portugal and Germany.
 I love visiting other countries and seeing their sights!

Anyway today hasn't been too bad a day, and I was out inspecting what was growing in my garden (apart from the weeds etc!).

I saw this little lilac flower and I've no idea what it is. It started with a wee lilac bulb which then blossomed into this, I wonder what it will do next. 
If anyone has any idea what it might be I'd love it if you would let me know :)

Pretty wee thing isn't it?

I also did something else that I haven't done for the longest time.
I bough myself some flowers and took some pics of them. 
Red and white are such a beautiful contrast don't you think?

Our house is a bit quiet now with Karen being away, just me and Danny here now. 
We are sitting listening to Pink Floyd on the cd player.  
Very cool!!

Anyway I'm signing off the the day, I'll try and blog before the next two weeks are up :))

Have a good week everyone!  :))


Karen said…
Beautiful blooms Ellie!
Ellie your flowers snaps are just lovely. Sorry I can't help you with the little lilac flower, for a start I thought it was a type of tulip but maybe it's too small.
See you next time.

Me again. I've just been over to Chel's blog

and she has a picture of your flower in her herb garden. It looks like a chive.

Rose said…
I had no idea what the flower was...going to look up chives here in bit. I love all these blossoms...

I am having trouble blogging, too. I feel like I do lead such a boring life. LOL

We are going to get our granddaugher in a day or two, so things will get lively then. But then I won't have time to blog.
Anonymous said…
So glad to see you here, and your flowers are awesome! You really did some great shots, and what a good idea to buy your self some. It will probably be your turn on the traveling soon. I have one more trip this summer and then a rest.
Jeanne said…
Oh sorry, this is jeanne from butterfly tales. Should not have signed anonymous. Crazy me!
Debbie said…
beautiful blooms!!! i know that you love having fresh flowers in the house!!!!
Sandra said…
Hi Ellie in faraway in Scotland!

Your lilac coloured flower is indeed chives, as someone mentioned above! Just squeeze the elongated leaves and see if they smell of the typical onion-type aroma! If so, take the leaves, wash and snip over your salad!

It's getting too hot around here. We're experiencing a heat wave and it will all end with storms!

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