Our Week!

So, we had a bank holiday last Monday which gave us a free day at the weekend. 
It was a lovely day so we decided to take a wee trip.

We drove to Loch Doon which is in the Galloway Forest.  
It's such a beautiful place and so peaceful!

We stopped and had our packed lunch and all you could hear were the birds chirping. 

It was lovely and warm in the car but let me tell you when you went out, boy was that a chilly wind blowing. 

We pottered about taking some piccies and then drove back home going through the forest.

All in all it was a very pleasant day!

However, the next day at work well that was a different story.  
Phew we were sooooo busy.
 You do begin to wonder if it is really worth having a day off. 

But I am really glad we did :))  

We also bought a new exercise bike this week. 
Hubby and I are now on a get fit kick. 
I think I am really needing it!! :)

Watch this space!


Eileen T said…
Good luck with the fitness kick - I need to do that as well.

Your photos, as always, are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the with us.
Lovely photos. I've been thinking it's time to head up to the caravan for a couple of days but have a grand daughter's 18th birthday coming up so will need to stay around for that.
Good luck with the keep fit plan, I always start off well but...

Sandra said…
Hi Ellie! It's moving around here again!
Thanks for popping in, I've just come off my blogging break!
What a lovely name: "Loch Doon". I love the colours in that second photograph!

Have a lovely Sunday. It's Mothering Sunday here!
Debbie said…
Ooooooh such beautiful images and the bluest of blues!! Happy Mothers Day Ellie, I hope you are having a wonderful day!!
Rose said…
Yeah for days off! Looks like a beautiful place to spend it.
Kerri Farley said…
Oh, I LOVE 3 day weekends (and 4 day weekends, and 5 day weekends) :)
Debbie said…
good luck with the get fit thing!!! exercise is a huge part of the equation on getting healthy!! as we "mature", we just don't move around enough!!!!

beautiful images today!!!!!
Jeanne said…
looks like a beautiful place to visit, and especially when you are in a warm car.

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