Turning Two

Our wee Riley turned two!
Laura and Riley came to stay with us for the weekend. 
Never a dull moment was had all weekend :)

We went to visit Great Gran and Great Grandad and he had a shot on the keyboard while his Great Gran and Gran looked on in pride :)

 He looks like a natural don't you think. I can really see him being a rockstar in  years to come!!!  

Oh there's a thought, I wonder how his mum might feel about that  hee hee.

And here is he with his his Aunty Karen, making his own birthday cake - maybe he won't be a rockstar after all,  perhaps he will be a chef!!!

And here he is with his mummy sharing a laugh - isn't he just the cutest wee chap!

They left to go home on Sunday at lunch time and boy was the  house quiet. 

He certainly is the life and soul wherever he goes.

We are really missing his contagious giggle and winning smile.


Pat MacKenzie said…
Its hard to imagine your little Riley is two already. I remember waiting for you to post the first pictures of him.

Glad you're back in blogland. I've been rather sporatic myself but am trying to be more regular here.
Kerri Farley said…
He is so adorable!!!!
Eileen T said…
He's gorgeous. That smile will break hearts when he's older!!
Jeanne said…
Amazing to see how "grown up" this little guy is... It seems like such a short time ago that he was brand new. I am so enjoying my new little granddaughter, but know how fast she will go. I started a private blog for her for her first year, and am having so much fun doing this. Going to make a book for her first birthday on the blog posts. Hugs to you, and know how much fun you had with Riley visiting!
Aah Ellie, hasn't he grown and he is so cute and a real little boy.

Rose said…
It seems like only yesterday that he was born...I can hardly believe how big he is. And yes, he is so cute! Love the pic of him hleping bake his own birthday cake.

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