It's Been How Long!!!

I've almost forgotten how to put a post up - it's been soooooo long.  In fact October 2014 was  the last time!

It's been nagging at me to come back for quite a wee while now, but tonight I finally decided just to do it and not just think about it.

So, an update is in order I think! 
Let's see now what have I been up to.

Emm, hum -  how can 6/7 months go by and it feels as if I haven't done much!

First off I don't think I ever mentioned it but Karen graduated with honours from university  - we are so proud of her - all of her hard work and dedication paid off. 
Now she is just waiting to find her dream job which I'm sure isn't too far away.

Emma finished her 6 months in Germany and is now back at university in Glasgow and in her 3rd year. 

We visited her in Germany in January and spent the week in Berlin (some pictures below). It was a cold, wet, snowy dismal week but we enjoyed it anyway, so much to see and do.

Laura is getting married in December.  Bridal and bridesmaid dresses have been ordered and plans are well underway. 
And our wee Riley turns 2 next week - where does the time go. 
The older I get the more often I ask myself that question - I've still to come up with an answer!!!

Other than that nothing much else is happening!

Anyway, pictures of Berlin!

 The Brandenburg Gate - it was snowing, sleet and rain and bitterly cold this day and we walked for miles!

 The Reichstag building at the back on the left. Stunning building and definitely worth a visit.

 Checkpoint Charlie

 Berlin is a city of cranes - lots of work being done and everywhere you looked there were cranes.

 The TV tower in Alexanderplatz, the top disappearing into the clouds.

Poseiden sculpture - usually there are fountains going but not that day.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels statues(and Dan tagged on at the end)

We took a train out to Potsdam. 
Palaces and opulance galore. 
Such beautiful architecture.

The sun even came out for a short while before we got the train back.

Just a few of the very many pictures that I took while there.  
We did so much in a week - walking, museums, sighseeing.

All in all we had a very enjoyable week in Berlin - such a lot of history too.

It wasn't somewhere I ever expected to visit but I'm so glad we did.


Hi Ellie, lovely to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing your photo's of Berlin, they are quite fascinating.
Wow time goes quickly doesn't it?

Eileen T said…
Welcome back Ellie. It's good to see you back online and to see your photos of Berlin.
Giga said…
Hello. It's great that everything in your family is well, and even very much. Too bad you could not see the sun Berlin. Certainly walk would be nicer. Regards.
Kerri Farley said…
Good to see you back!!
Great captures of your visit to Germany - I especially LOVE the one looking up thru the "hole" at the sky!!
Love seeing your photos - we never made it to Berlin before we moved back to the US, so it is great to see that lovely city through your eyes. Sounds like you have been busy and lots of blessings in your family. xo
Jeanne said…
Well look here! A a Post that I missed out on. I am loving your photos of Berlin. My husband and I were just talking about considering a trip here. Have never been to Germany, so maybe something for next year. I am sure that you are so proud of your girls with their university. Makes you feel so good to know that they have careers which will help them go so far in their lives. Also how fun to plan a wedding! Well, maybe not on the budget though. Lets see some more of these posts..... Hugs to you! Jeanne
Jeanne said…
Also, love the photo of your husband holding t he hand of that very tall statue.
Rose said…
So good to see these...I enjoyed the pictures.

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