I know - 2 posts in 3 days.  Phew, I don't know what has come over me, lol.

Anyway, I was looking over my pictures from our last walk and came across these.  

Do you ever look at pictures and make up stories in your head - or is that just another wee quirk of mine :))

It is a well known fact (I think!) that I love trees - not in a huggy sort of way - I love the shapes, height and general majesticness (is that a word or have I just made it up!!!) of them.

I thought this one looked as if it might be from 'The Lord of the Rings' with it's knarled trunk!

I this is the picture I was making stories in my head about - I can just imagine this leading to a secret forest with it's windy pathway. A bit like the yellow brick road :))

Another secret forest picture.

And I just added this one because I thought it was so pretty!

Oh well that's time for the daydreaming to stop unfortunately.  I need to get my lunch and get ready for work. 
I'd much rather sit here and daydream though ;)

Have a good day everyone.


TexWisGirl said…
i love trees, too. majesticness is a perfect word for them!
Trees have masses of character and it is so easy to make up stories like you do. Have a good week Diane
Jill said…
Oh yes! These beauties call to ones imagination. I'm going to imagine I am there right now!
Rose said…
I love trees, too...and the second from the bottom appeals to me. Wouldn't that be a lovely place to have a picnic. Or to let the children play?
Paul said…
Trees certainly are majestic. It is a wonderful thing to use your imagination. The gnarled tree looked like one of the talking trees in LOTR from my memory which is probably not overly reliable.
Karen said…
Definitely a Lord Of The Ring tree!!
Dawn Yucuis said…
Great photos. I love the trees.
Sandra said…
So lovely to have daydreamy moments with pictures of secret forest paths and film sets from "The Lord of the Rings"! Have you seen "The Hobbit" yet?
Nice shots of trees and all they evoke for you! Have a great week, Ellie!
Lovely trees, I too am a tree lover. It amazes me how old some of them are. We have a tree in the middle of the bush in New Zealand known as Tane Mahuta i.e. Lord of the Forest. He is a giant kauri and believed to be between 1500 and 2500 years old. It's quite mind boggling really. One day I'd like to visit him.

Have a good week,
Kayla said…
Love these and I would totally be making up stories and creatures to go with them. It just all looks so raw and unlived in....
Debbie said…
i'm a tree person also!!

look at the secret garden picture, top, almost left corner, between the two trees. i see a little girls face....i do it too!!

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