Difficult Birds!!!

I have tried a few times (that should read lots of times) to get a good picture of a bird, rabbit, swan - you name it I've tried it. 
 But every time - without fail - they turn their back on me when I am about to hit the click button. 

I do wonder why they do that!!!  
It is if there is a secret code that they pass to each other as soon as they see me. 

 Oh look out there's Ellie with her camera - hide!!!! lol.

I've seen lots of blogs with lovely birdy pictures - all nice and sharp and clear. 
In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't actually smiling for the shots. 

Anyway we were out at the park the other day and there were swans and ducks galore.  
These were the best shots I could manage - still it's better than nothing (I think) !!!

We have had a lovely change in weather recently - we are almost into double figures temperature wise and we have blue sky and sun.  

It does make a lovely change and long may it last - that's what I say.

On Tuesday afternoon after I finished work, Karen Emma and I caught a train into Glasgow.  We met up with Laura and did a bit of shopping - well the girls did a bit of shopping, I just sort of wandered around after them.  
There is a new shop opened in Glasgow called 'Forever 21' - the girls just love that shop.  
It is three stories high filled with lots of clothes - they were in their element :)))

After they finished buying the shop up we met Danny after he finished work and went for dinner.  
I have to say it was a very enjoyable way to spend and afternoon and evening.  

And to top it all of I didn't have to cook or wash up.  Bliss :)))


TexWisGirl said…
your bird shots are lovely! liked every one of them!

as for shopping, that would not be my element. :)
Ailime said…
Valeu a pena esperar! As fotos estão magníficas. Também adoro aves e sei como é difícil conseguir captá-las no momento exacto. Estas estão brilhantes! Abraço. Ailime
Karen said…
Oh your bird shots are terrific. Love the swan!
Nothing wrong with those photos. Have you seen the birds on my photodiary
http://photodiarydps.blogspot.com ? Some birds are fairly easy with a bit of patience but others are impossible. I have given up with the sparrows, and our robin is extra elusive! Have a good Sunday. Diane
Those are terrific birdy pictures. :)

The shopping expedition sounds tiring to me, but then I am NOT "Forever 21" - more like "getting to be 100+."
Jill said…
Oh Ellie! These are beautiful shots! I love that swan but they are all terrific!
Cheryl said…
Love your birdie pics, very good angles. I do know what you mean though, same happens to me! Sounds like a lovely girlie day :) xx
Giga said…
Tym razem ptaki nie obróciły się do Ciebie tyłem i nie odfrunęły. Zrobiłaś im bardzo ładne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
This time the birds are not turned his back to you and not departed. You made them a very nice picture. Yours.
Debbie said…
ooohhhhh ellie, these are really good!! you have to spend (waste) a lot of time to get awesome duck/bird/swan images!!

often i take 100 pictures and only 2 or 3 are really good!!
Dawn Yucuis said…
I love your photos of the ducks and the swan. We don't get to see swans to much in the area where I live, so it nice to see a photo of one.
I hope you are doing well!
Sandra said…
Well it seems those birds were all posing for you this time, Ellie! Sounds as if you had a nice outing with your girls!
Isn't it great that it's warming up now? We're into a late spring now too, but the leaves on the trees aren't opening yet! We still need to be patient and enjoy the primroses and the violets!
Paul said…
Love the bird photos, Ellie! So glad your weather is picking up.

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