Sunday morning

I've been up a few hours and got a few things done. So, I thought I would try and bring this blog up to date. Have I said that I LOVE reading blogs.  I spend quite a bit of time doing just that.  The ones I read are all so interesting and there are kept up to date. To be honest I'm not sure where they get the time from - must be better at time management than me I guess. Lol.
My eldest daughter came home from her holiday in Chicago - she loved it!! That's somewhere else ticked off her list of places to visit. She is going to T in the Park in a couple of weeks.  For those not from Britain, T in the Park is an outdoor rock concert.  I don't really picture Laura living in a tent for a whole weekend and enjoying it, but we'll see. She may surprise us all. 
My middle daughter has sprung herself a new job. Now, Karen loves to bake and decorate cakes.  I would say it is her passion.  Well, there is a cake shop in the town next to us and she impressed them so much they have given her a part-time job.  It's only for July/August at the moment, but we will see what happens.  She is SO happy and excited about it. Which makes me happy and excited.  There is nothing quite like seeing your kids doing well to make your heart soar.
And then my youngest daughter, she is in her final year at school and planning what to do with her future. She is hoping to go to University after school. In September this year Emma will be heading off to Boston with the school hockey team.  They are off to play some matches over there. She is super excited about that - and I have to admit to being envious of her.  What an experience!!!  So at the moment my girls are all happy and content - life if good!!


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