I'm Ba-ack

See I told you I wasn't very good at doing things regularly.  Another reason for not blogging is that I don't really have much exciting to tell you about. But, I'll try.

Let me see, weather here is - not good.  A lot of rain, wind - very windy, cold and grey.  We did have a really  nice day on Friday, very warm, blue skys, lovely.  Then Saturday back to grey, windy and a lot cooler. At least no rain.

We discovered we have a leaky window in the upstairs hall.  Lying in my bed I could a steady drip, didn't know where it was coming from and then, I found it.  So a new window is needed, wood surround and all.  Hubby says he will fix it. So we went window shopping, literally. Lol.  We got two, one for the hall and one for the bathroom. How exciting is that!!!

Daughter 1 is still in Chicago, she comes home next Friday.  I hope she is having a great time.  We have all missed her not being here.  Daughter 2 doing well in college and daughter 3 finished her higher exams, just to wait for results now, they come in August.

Well, it's monday again tomorrow.  Time goes by far to fast - especially the weekends. Hope you all have a great week.  Till next time.



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