Tangerines and a touch of Yoga.

I made some muffins the other day and was wondering what flavour to use. 
Well, I found some tangerines that were needing to be used up. So using a basic muffin recipe I squeezed the juice and added peel into it and also used some of the juice in the icing. 
Let me tell you they were very tasty, even if I do say so myself.

Karen and I have been going to a yoga class once a week since the beginning of December. I think we are both starting to feel a wee bit more flexible. But let me tell you some of those exercises are just plain hard!!!
Take Monday evening for instance, we were doing a couple of slightly more advanced exercises.
Picture this - lying on your back with your legs at 45 degree angle, legs crossed then pull slightly on your  ankles to pull your legs closer to your body, putting  a good old stretch into your old gluteus maximus.  

Ha, first of all I couldn't even cross my legs properly and as for grabbing my ankles - no chance!!
 Some people could actually do it but there was an awful lot of groaning in the room lol.

Suffice to say I had very tender legs the next day.   
I think I will have to do a lot more practicing at home and not just wait for the class!


Kerri Farley said…
Oh, those muffins looks delicious!
Jeanne said…
So nice to see you back here Ellie! Good luck with that yoga!
Sounds like hard work to me Ellie, I think I would have had to go home and make more muffins to get over it.

Rose said…
I would find that move impossible. I never was flexible even as a child...with all the things I did.

BTW, the muffins sound wonderful.
Jeanne said…
So are you still doing to YOGA??

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